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Men seeking a fitness program to lose weight

zyzwss2010-03-29 09:11:06 +0000 #1
I am male, 24 years old, height 172cm, weight 73KG

wear clothes you are significantly overweight, but a growing belly, and shoulder itself is relatively wide and

as a result of the relationship often accompany clients socializing, lack of exercise, a more than a year increased from 62KG to 73KG, a growing belly, chest also has some meat, feeling more distress, want fitness to lose weight.

Company has a gym, a treadmill, cycling, as well as arm strength training ah sat on his legs, the kind of combination of instruments, as well as mountain climbing machine, there are dumbbells.

Would now like to seek heroes in a weight-loss fitness program three times a week in general, want to have a specific fitness plan, what to do first, so long, what to do after the long, hoping to get down to 65KG below, hope enlighten you, the more detailed the better. This a smaller number, such as the answer is good, points can be give another number. On-line, etc. ........
milkhorse2010-03-29 09:27:08 +0000 #2
First of all, we should lose fat.

The beginning of each should adhere to jogging 40-60 minutes, just started, if it Paobu Dong, you go. In short, to achieve 40-60 minutes of exercise time. Finish the step, do not drink plenty of water this time when the burning of fat.

Next, is to practice the power. This can be shaping, mainly dumbbell-based, practice arm 2, 3, and the pectoral muscles.

The final say is that Guizaijianchi! ! !
Love inducing drug bell2010-03-29 09:32:18 +0000 #3
First Warm up exercise

about 10 minutes, can make the body a slight sweat on it.

Random choices: climb the stairs, squat stand, rope skipping, running, etc.

Forces Movement

Monday, target muscles: chest, Action: Wide range push-ups: 6 groups x exhausted all its efforts, narrow range push-ups: 6 groups x exhausted all its efforts improve the foot position of push-ups: 6 groups x exhausted all its efforts to improve hand position push-ups: 6 groups x exhausted all its efforts

Tuesday, target muscles: back, Action: pull-up group 4 x12 months, wide-grip pull-inclined body (feet Landing his back the body tilt, 1.5 times the shoulder width pull a fixed bar, elbows pulled open the chest, relax back, repeated movement) 6 groups x exhausted all its efforts, narrow grip pull-oblique body (his back foot landing body tilt, a shoulder-fold fixed-width pull bar, elbows posted waist and pulling the chest to the bar before relaxing back, repeated movement) 6 groups x exhausted all its efforts, looking to straighten (easily find a heavy hand, chest, stuck his bottom, so Waist into Anti-bow-type, looking down, quite the body to 70 degrees with the ground, repeated movement) Group 6 x20 months

Thursday or Friday, target muscles: shoulders, Action: heavy on the move (2 side, respectively) 5 groups x exhausted all its efforts, looking at side of flat to mention five group x exhausted all its efforts, single-arm pre-Ping Ju (2 side, respectively): 5 groups x exhausted all its efforts, heavy side-Ping Ju (alternate to maintain): 5 groups x insist on not Groups can also be done

A stair climbing aerobic exercise 10-20 minutes before exercise to eat a fruit (except bananas)

B jogging

C Rope

D Walking


goal by running in situ muscle, in the power movement was conducted after the aerobic exercise can achieve a better heart function of increased fees.

I wish you a happy fitness and smoothly to achieve fitness goals.
5080585dkfdy2010-03-29 10:27:56 +0000 #4
..... my height and you are almost ... I used to, but is now thin to about 170J `a` ... 140 running on a treadmill every day for more than half an hour can be a `` passing the other time can be `` Do not eat every day and thought the muscles too much, especially greasy `` `` `night before going to bed at night to eat with a big fruit and vegetables can be a` ... a long time, `` `` habits changed over the body naturally thin is mainly sustained ```` ..

tempering process can be fierce but not to drink water `... only a small population of small mouth of the drinking hose Zi `` primarily serve the effect of`



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