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US-based body to have the best day to do what a simple exercise it

g4504459652010-03-29 17:11:34 +0000 #1
The best in the home will be able to do, sophisticated tools do not -
babyboyboy12010-03-29 17:21:08 +0000 #2
with nutrition.

Conditional buy some creatine to eat.

Here are sets of training methods:

1, composite group of push-ups (the level of the ramp, the next ramp)

Exercise muscles: chest, shoulder deltoid muscle, on the back muscles, triceps. Lianfa: 3 groups to do a row between the two groups that only stop when changing positions.

a, the standard push-ups - hands stays in the same shoulder width, legs and back straight, feet close together, arm straight, elbow locked. Eyes looking ahead, do not look at some land down the body to the chest almost touch the ground to keep back straight, and then controlled push to resume the starting position from the body. Note movement rhythm.

b, the oblique push-ups - hands stays in the 50 - 70 cm high bench. The body down to chest and hands parallel to, and then forced prop. This exercise is mainly practiced the lower chest. In addition to bench, you can also handle stays in the fitness ball to do, so that more difficult, because more of the muscles involved in movements to maintain balance, including abdominal waist.

c, is tilted under a push-up - feet on the bench support, hands placed on the ground. Down the body to the chest almost touch the ground push back date. This Lianfa targeted at the upper chest and shoulder muscles of the front. Fitness ball can also be used to increase the body instead of dry muscle involvement.

2, a strong push-ups

exercises muscles: chest, shoulder muscles, the back muscles, triceps.

Starting position the same as with the standard push-ups, but in the right hand placed on the ground at the same time, left hand placed on a support of about 20 cm high material on the. Slowly down the body until the left shoulder near the left hand, and then use explosive force to prop up the body, so that there is a brief hands vacated. Vacated their hands the moment the body slightly left, so that his left hand fell on the ground, while the right hand landed on the supporting material.

3, push-twist

exercise muscles: deltoid after shoulder beam, Waist muscle, lower back muscles.

Initial actions and the same as the standard push-ups. In prop up the body, arms straight as to the right after the rotation, right arm on the move, while the eye moves in tandem with the right arm to the upper right perspective, a brief pause to resume starting position, for to do the other side.

4, triceps push-ups

exercise muscles: triceps.

With the standard push-ups and practice the same, but his hands close together and have a little support within the rotation, making the thumb and index finger to form a triangle. This has changed the triceps of the load.

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