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How to train out of eight abdominal ah!

wrk55263762010-03-30 01:12:07 +0000 #1
I already have six, and do not know how to come out behind the two practice
0 heart such as maple 02010-03-30 01:18:22 +0000 #2
different training methods will exercise different parts of the abdominal muscles a description of your previous exercise that right there 6 useful, and now want to exercise out of the back two, we must prescribe the right medicine! Exercise in different ways to find out what kind of posture exercise is the latter two in the force, and then determine this position, adhere to the exercise. In the sit-ups, when the ground is different from different angles to form the abdominal muscles in force, you can do sit-ups, when slowly up and down slowly hand touched it with the two abdominal muscles, sensory about how we look at the time that two muscles in force, and then to train specifically for that angle. If this is not found, to try to make more gestures, such as sideways to do sit-ups, or who stretches his right hand and holding a heavy object and then bending over to the right. . . . In short trying to think of you, you can make that position until you find the two abdominal muscle force posture, adhere trained to achieve your goal!

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