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Would like to find a fitness training muscles, please answer too experienced coaches

allenjiaxuan2010-03-30 06:10:09 +0000 #1
I recently would like to spend money to hire a fitness coach, practice very muscular, the most pressing or chest and abdominal muscles, upper body muscle out the model takes about how long? Please coach, then trained to type about how much money to spend? Must ask the person to answer and thought muscles Thank you. Repeat the question, how long to spend, how much
solomonqq2010-03-30 06:13:49 +0000 #2

Systematic training, then the initial out of chest-type takes about three months or so. If you find their own way a trained bad to say. Pectoral muscle groups where big is best, but also the fastest out of type, followed by the triceps, and then followed by the biceps, biceps circumference is easy to increase, but a biceps peak is not very easy.

Abdominal muscles is the most difficult out of type, first to reduce fat, and then the bombardment of large amount of exercise! Quite painful.

I was in Beijing, in the powerhouse gym to do the card, buy one year get a year, the total amount of 2200 yuan.

If the individual requests a personal trainer 150 yuan a day (10 hours).

Thank you!
Eating garlic healthy2010-03-30 06:18:09 +0000 #3

I think the general how one can do in half a year. If you insist on a good 3 months, there have been noticeable effect

the price depends on how much money one, Beijing is 100-200,3 take at least 40 months or more, unless you are able to persist in



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