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To seek fitness advice, saying that white and I am a bit want to lose weight

F1VE_C2010-03-30 07:11:02 +0000 #1
14 years old, 170cm. Last year, in March 50.3KG. The same year in April 52KG.

In this time last year, I insisted on strengthening the movement 'exercise in October last year, there is 49KG.

winter vacation to a surprise, then 52KG - - stomach, like 4 months to a little bit bucket arm Kirin lumbar and elephant legs trend.

who, while not short, but dressed a look kinda close to 1 meter tall and 5.

diet. . Breakfast usually whole-wheat bread, milk, cereal grain beverage is certainly not 4 like the whole school to eat

eat a casual lunch of noodles + soy milk + biscuits or bread

at home, a well-established that there are dirty, but get up at 9:00 to eat so much rice bowl Bar

night, generally in accordance with traditional Chinese custom of eating sumptuous meals than with the first pick, I try to eat at least elements of 7:30 after dinner .. I am a little less sleep. My dad slept four hours a day lean quite in severe. Some of were the opposite. in his sleep on this point

I am quite at a loss for one hour of aerobic exercise every day

I can do to have done a

The most important point is that I am very worried about an adult will be so handsomely

a matter of fact I did not Which really seen my family who adolescence Zhuyuanyurun adult weight loss success stories

(I am worried that his stature is mainly the result I can achieve five senses do not make people feel the standard Harmony)

want to have a nutritionist or doctor kind of professional I have proposed to solve the problem physical or psychological researchers have made suggestions

I can solve the psychological concerns of the proposed

my tone is not enough harmony?

trouble you:) Thank you

xyda20002010-03-30 07:17:56 +0000 #2
Heart of wide-body fat
kiddlttt2010-03-30 07:21:50 +0000 #3
eat first, sit-ups and sports second (adhere to 2 months or more). Sleep 9 hours.
kbt people2010-03-30 07:57:32 +0000 #4
eating, no problem, pay attention to fat intake not much, but less is to let your family put some vegetable oil. You are actually not fat, may be very beautiful body, preferably by sending pictures to me so that I can help you analyze. But as your current data, to be a simple formula, we must first exercise for your shoulder, the shoulder width of the practice (to do chin-up on the trip) to do four groups of 10-12 months, exercise 2-3 times a week can be . Second, is your abdomen, a daily sit-ups four groups of 30. Furthermore, your hips and thighs, multi-跑跑 Department, aerobics 1 hour a day on the line, but a good heart rate control, for you, the heart rate to 144 or so is most conducive to your weight loss. These bar, which can certainly persevered in



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