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Guiqiu fitness program (including eating and exercise)

ducky11092010-03-30 08:10:18 +0000 #1
I am 22 years old, height 182CM weight 76KG. Branch of a more coordinated, but the support is weak, coupled with the shoulder is not very wide, a lot of clothes stays can not afford (- - " ), so want to rapidly improve the fitness of the way. I eat whey protein, but may be the reasons for their own fitness program scientific results are not obvious.

Guiqiugaoren Zhidianmijin here, give me one (in the week units) in the eating and training in specific plan. (Guixie)

In addition, I would like to ask about any health products to meet the effects of whey protein is better to use?

Thank you in! thank the good people! I wish you good luck all things Tiger Ruyi!
603.13152 million2010-03-30 08:12:24 +0000 #2
one, three, five, Japan and exercise program:

Chest: Flat bench press six groups each of 8 - 10 times

push-ups and four groups each of 10 - 20 times

parallel bars Arm flexion and extension 4 groups each of 8 - 10 times

Butterfly machine folder chest 4 groups each group 8 - 10 times (as a supplementary item)

Back: chin-up 4 groups each group 6 - 8 times

Back broad muscular chest down six groups each of 10 - 12 times

abdomen: sit-ups four groups each of 20 times

supine leg raise four groups each of 20 times

2, 4, 6 workout programs :

the shoulder: 6 groups each held upright on the 8 - 10 times

Sitting on a dumbbell in each group move 4-6 Group 8 - 10 times

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 sets each of 12-15 times

arm: vertical barbell curl 4-6 each group of 10-12 times

neck-arm flexion and extension 4-6 each group 10 - 12 times

legs: squat 6-8 Group 8 in each group -12 times

toes 6 groups each of 12-15 times

Click here to plan two weeks you can see the effects of exercise, another recall to ensure sleep 9-10 hours a day

fitness of the most important thing is perseverance, which is first need to clear.

As for the fitness program can ask the gym coach

re-purpose is to make it clear to what extent this will help uphold the

As for the specific practices of multi-and Jianyou appropriate arrangements for the exchange of two days off a week

Fitness Every time I go to focus on the principles of concentration to stimulate a certain part of the back legs, chest, abdomen, shoulders

This is the plan for the division based on three legs, two small muscles in an appropriate interlude the appropriate training for large chunks of

should first learn well the coordination of development is beneficial to the overall development of

2 3 is also important to determine your arm strength

If you stick to a certain stage of the can try more advanced training program but that it should first lay a solid foundation is very important

still breathing group of a few too difficult you can do to shape large pieces of 3-4 months for every action of each move three groups each of 8-12 months or so long blocks of great weight to the number of stimulation weight may be less or appropriate to expedite the movement


your reward points are too few to say

give you a little information on nutrition bar

sweat before and after the food is still learning

a normal speaking, the movement before intake of rice, bread, noodles or fruit ... and so digestible, high carbohydrate and low fat foods, as a source of energy during exercise. Although some high-fiber foods (whole wheat bread, high-fiber biscuits) are also rich in carbohydrates, but because of high fiber foods takes a longer time to digest, easy to process in motion cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and should therefore be to avoid eating high-fiber foods before exercise. Some people will be in motion to feel dizziness and fatigue, it is because insulin-stimulated by the sugar The secretion, which was originally to maintain a normal blood glucose response, but because of exercise the muscles will use more sugar than usual, you are advised to exercise five to ten minutes to eat sweets, or rise higher and higher glycemic index food (bread, sports drinks) , when the campaign began, insulin will be inhibited and not be able to quickly respond to the elevated blood glucose, would never have occurred had the situation of low blood sugar. finished 20 minutes each exercise before re-feeding, should be more to add meat protein, milk and egg white, and drink plenty of water to row out uric acid. In addition, it is recommended to eat carrots, papaya, tomatoes and other Persian dishes β-carotene-rich yellow-green fruits and vegetables not only helps the chest muscles the development, but also can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer (10 million men do not think this gates distress and suffering from no chance) Oh!


in order to cultivate a decent instrument has a sexy chest and ditches prominent lines, as long as the proper training of the following actions shining , you can easily achieve the desired effect. recommended to do every day for three to four groups, each doing 12-15, the force, when exhaled, relax when you inhale, and may in accordance with the normal breathing rate of individuals to regulate the movement suited to their rhythm. a warm-up before exercise, cardiopulmonary exercise absolutely essential, stretching after exercise is absolutely necessary action, since the establishment of an appropriate degree of flexibility can increase the range of mature muscle, the subsequent exercise movements and can become better and big, beautiful done. Metrosexual whether you meet the standard definition, have a healthy body physically and mentally every sportsman is absolutely fundamental to the service can not be ignored. In accordance with uno careful to set a monthly training topics: abdomen, hips, back, waist and chest, in order to cross the next day swap The way upper and lower body movements (abdominal exercise can on a daily basis), take it seriously enough, if carefully, about the time insist on after a year later, sure that we can see the wonderful achievements of the body-type sculpture,加油 啰!


Dumbbell Shoulder Press

sitting on a bench adjusted to 90 degrees, the two-hand a pair of dumbbells placed on both sides of the shoulder, elbow down, his hands palm upward . so as to bring a certain curvature of the tracks on both sides of the dumbbell push from the shoulder to the head, and then back to the starting position.

Alternative: Barbell Shoulder Press Barbell shrug

Hold a barbell with both hands palm backward, or beat up forward, beat up back to help you hold a heavier barbell. shrug is a simple up and down movement, do not shake your shoulders - not only can not increase the stimulation of this exercise on muscle, but will increase the chance of injury. shrugging when doing as much as possible to keep your arm straight as much as possible to make your trapezius near your ears.

Alternative: Dumbbell shrugs


upright rowing upright, waist slightly bent, hands shoulder width grip barbell (narrow grip will give your wrist to bring an unwanted reverse torque). At the elbow on the bar under the guidance will be raised to shoulder height.

options: dumbbell upright row.

overlooking the Li-Ping Ju

waist, side-flexion, upper body leaning forward, slightly gaining ground, to keep the back straight. each grip a dumbbell with both hands placed in the top of the feet. elbows slightly bent throughout the movement process always maintain this point of view. will be dumbbell flat on both sides of the body move, until it reaches shoulder height of up. This movement focuses on training the rear deltoid.

alternative: The Dumbbell Deltoid Lateral Raise Exercise the middle of the ramp Ministry


hands each dumbbell bench press grip a dumbbell and sit on a 30-45 degree angle to adjust to the bench. at the beginning position, your elbows should be perpendicular to the ground, palm forward, dumbbells should be at the lateral shoulder. to a certain degree of curvature of the dumbbells directly above the push to the chest. at the highest point, do not let them collide with each other. then slowly them down, and back to the starting position .

Alternative: Dumbbell bench press Barbell rowing

Boo-li feet shoulder width standing, lean forward from the waist 60 degrees flexion. hands to shoulder width, palms hold the barbell back. always keep gaining ground, the lower back slightly backward bow, pull the elbow directly next to the bar to your stomach. in the course of action on the ground do not let the barbell Peng Zhao, and maintain a certain degree of knee flexion degree.

options: anti-grip barbell row



Single-arm dumbbell row bench will be placed at one end of a hand, ipsilateral leg kneeling on a bench, lean forward about 60 degrees, with the other hand hold a dumbbell. Do not twist your the body, pull the dumbbell to the side of the body. at the highest point, your elbow should point directly to the ceiling. In a group of pre-finished, do not let dumbbell contact with the ground.

Supine barbell bench press in a long flat stools, hands slightly more than shoulder width grip barbell, and then removed from the shelves, down to the chest. Throughout the course of action point to always keep the lateral joints. to make contact with the bar lightly with the chest, and then bring it to the top. always keep your feet flat on the ground and lower back close to a bench, do not rely on shaking the waist to complete the action.

options: Incline bench press


sitting knees, abdomen

sitting on benches at one end of will be lifted feet, the body slightly to the heads off. When you near the knee to the chest, the upper body slightly forward lean may be in order to fully feel the abdominal contraction. This movement of the lower half of the main abdominal exercise.

Option: sit-knee sit-ups abdomen

lie flat on the floor, knee flexion, hands behind. through the abdominal contraction, so that your shoulder blades lift off the ground, doing a short peak contraction, and then relax. In order to maintain continuity abdominal tension, in a group before the finish Do not let your shoulder blades touch the ground.

options: sideways sit-ups, straight leg sit-ups

bench press is the best training for chest movements, but also a number of bodybuilding enthusiasts favorite practice of the movement, most of the trainers in order to barbell bench press mainly - indeed it is the best training for upper body movements, for 80% of the trainers is very effective. That 20% of the people? The answer is dumbbell bench press. In addition, after a period of time after the barbell bench press can also try dumbbell bench press exercise, you will have a different feeling.

Starting Position: Sit in the flat The bench press bench, feet flat tread on the ground. elbows bent, hold dumbbells, boxing is relatively eyes, palms toward the direction of the legs, dumbbell axis is located at 1 cm above the nipple (middle pectoral), pointed at the chest.

Action process: push upward, the elbow adduction, the elbow at the same time folder folder chest. dumbbells upward at the same time slightly forward biased, a parabola trajectory. arms straight, the dumbbell at the center of gravity closer to the support of the shoulder joint point. but not right in the shoulder joint of the support points, so that bone will support the weight of living dumbbell (which by the bones, rather than support their own weight of muscles known as the "lock"), makes the chest muscle to relax, exercise affect the results. Then, to make two straight arm to the both sides of the open, his arms slowly flexion, dumbbell vertical drop, and fall to lowest point, that is promoted to cook. repeat.

breathing method: on the move when you inhale, the whereabouts of breath.

Key training areas: the pectoralis major, deltoid and triceps.

Training Highlights:

In the bodybuilding industry, there are a lot of people practicing out of strong arms, there are many people who hold outstanding brachial biceps. but if you want to practice out of the huge biceps, you must use a special training methods. I would like to share my experiences in training biceps.

in order to isolate the core training is the greatest limits to exercise the biceps, you must use isolation movements to make the muscle contraction, and then try to squeeze the highest point of action biceps, that is the pinnacle of the so-called contraction. with emphasis on the development of strength and muscle block header of the barbell bending Ju and large compared to the weight of dumbbell curl, use this method to train the biceps can achieve better results. using the weight of the larger movements and complete the whole process more difficult it is fully contracted.

I suggest using the Following a few isolated actions:

inclined plane curl can use barbells, dumbbells or a chest to do this action, would be leaning one arm on a pallet inclined to get a stable support arms can work together, it can use only one arm to do. so the elbow was locked in a fixed position, so to achieve maximum results of training. Note: Do not weight to the lowest branches, namely not to fully extend his arms. on the move in the process of the arm a little too reached a full contraction in the vertical, and squeeze the biceps.

the machine curl This action is similar to ramp curl, do not use free weights, is characterized by continuous tension. machine curl can be restricted to a particular action plane can make the highest level of isolated muscle exercise.

concentration curl This is another one can be individually isolated biceps exercise movements. this action with sitting, leaning against the thigh will be posted inside the elbow, fixed arm , at the highest point squeeze the biceps and pause.


at any point when an isolated action, do not use heavy weight, too much load would magnify the way you use the weight lifted. do bend When held in the upper arm through the vertical position with the ground when the biceps no longer fight against gravity, that is, at this point at this time the tension is minimal. Therefore, to adjust the body's posture, even in time of peak contraction and also to the upper arm has always been to maintain the proper angle with the ground.

Remember: these actions are not in order to increase muscle strength and block header, but to a separate training biceps. each do at least 10 times, or even can do 15 -- 20 times.

1, do not arch the back and buttocks, or hold your breath, it would be to lose muscle control, it is dangerous.

2, at the same time practicing pectoralis major should be strengthened upper arm triceps exercise. there is no well-developed triceps, we can not bench press with the big weight of the barbell, would be unable to train a well-developed pectoralis major.

3, starting when the dumbbell axis should be placed 1 cm above the nipple Office ( pectoral Central), in order for pectoralis major hair strength. If the dumbbells held at the shoulder, can only exercise the shoulder muscles.

4, we must pay attention to elbows start doing bench press arms at the side of the body when open, is thus essentially forced to complete the actions chest alone. wide spacing, the main exercise pectoralis major, narrow spacing, the main exercise Deltoid.

5, the chest muscle exercises effect is not ideal. can try on the ramp elected, lie on a a certain angle (about 20-25 degrees) of the ramp board, again with the same weight of the barbell or dumbbell to practice. As the muscles from a different angle to give a new stimulus, you will soon see the new results.

group number and the number of:

1, at 6-8 times the number within the limit. more than eight times, other parts of the body will enter a state of aerobic exercise; if less than six times, indicating auxiliary muscles have been involved in the movement, The main muscle fatigue has not been fully.

2, multi-group number: Regardless of which body parts have to pick a team reaches a set nerve impulses so far unable to pay. If you believe in the training over-statement is definitely up to noTo this requirement. The so-called over-training, but these cowards to disguise their own incompetence and fabricated out of excuses. The real impact of training not only to do style for more than 20 groups, but also to limit the number of each group have been done. Do not count group when the number of warm-up group are included, although they are necessary.

3, training, diversity. To constantly changing group of number and frequency of training, as well as arrangements for action to break the body to adapt to, access to breakthrough muscle growth.

Related actions

A focus on training areas: the upper part of pectoralis major muscle, followed by the deltoid and triceps before the beam.

B. Start Position: Sit in the oblique angle of 35-45 degrees bench press bench.

C. Action Process: arms straight holding dumbbells at the top of the shoulder. Down to the upper chest (near the collarbone Department) when the suction. Fall to lowest point, that is promoting for cook, when pushed breath.

D. Training Highlights: Practice course will mainly concentrate on the pectoralis major muscle, causing the chest is always in tension. Triceps as a secondary supplementary force.

Under the oblique dumbbell bench press:

palm relatively dumbbell bench press: Hold the dumbbells palms relative, and the arms close to your body.

One-arm bench press: should use a lighter weight. Such an approach could be developed two chest balance and control. Initially, one holding a dumbbell, the other hand can help support the look.

How to make your arm more fit

August 16, 2008

too lazy to exercise or can not find time to exercise? Baywatch photo album where every time he saw that a few physique, while the heart is the envy of lifeguards do? Just exercising my muscles in a bodybuilding can not be done with the thought, no matter what method you use, whether the gym, buy a TV shopping channels, fitness equipment, make their own push-ups sit-ups, the final results must be sustained before there are results.

Into the summer, ready to make the men always try to tailor-made to wear sleeveless T-Shirt Xiu Xiu own body, but if that tight-fitting T-Shirt package is a group under the fat, or ribs, it will only allow others down enough appetite, causing the opposite effect. Show their first step we want to tell you is, how can acquire training in a fitness arm.

Sports Cycle: Keep on the 1st of each interval once there were two groups of about 10-20 times for a duplicate paragraphs, each group must repeat the operation of 2-3 cycles.

Movement Methods A total of two groups:

(A) hands-Ping Ju France

The first step: steps to open more than your feet shoulder width, the body center of gravity down the pendulum (this action, such as squatting Bu), but the hips must remain slightly higher than the knee.

Step two: make a fist with both hands before the file was cross-arm to play both sides of the vertical Taizhi to shoulder high at this time you will need to be able to feel the shoulder and triceps force (not the arm with the rejection method), repeated about 20 times After a break this cycle three times.

(B) knees push-France

Step one: knees and keep pairs of toes touch the ground, his hands open with your fingertips, the time required to maintain a straight line back and do not Gongqi, his eyes look squarely at the bottom.

Step two: the beginning of the elbow bent, the body lowered the vertical arm force and maintain a uniform suction aspirate, repeated about 15 times, three times a break this cycle.

Finished it? There is no sense of his own arm changed America, and become strong out? Sorry, but Rome was not built in a day, just as you have those muscles loose collapse general, sustained three weeks later you can go out, see what you've seen! As to how to achieve better results after exercise it? Many people think that is a pre-exercise to keep fasting, however, this kind of movement involved in fitness contrary, should be eating some food before exercise. For example, two pieces of toast, because it can help you burn calories more complete Oh!

Arm muscle upper arm biceps 2

2 crook of the arm move the starting position

the body upright, his hands Yang-grip barbell, his arms drooping.

Action process does not keep swinging arm, elbow, forearm bent to the highest possible point, while contraction biceps, still a second. Song Show elbow, forearm and slowly so that the whereabouts of the arms fully extended.


Bend your forearm when the inspiratory, the downturn of breath.

Note points

to rely on the strength of the biceps to forearm bent upward, in the former crook of the arm to play the highest point, the total contraction in the biceps for a second, rather than relax it immediately. Do not Bend your arm to let the elbows move forward along the top of the swing to make the forearm bends higher.

------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------

arm biceps curl arm squatting position

Start squatting on the ground or sitting on stools, one holding a dumbbell, so that the upper arm attached to the thigh, forearm down Zhichui. The other hand on the pressure in the other thigh.

Action process

shrink grip ring up one arm of the biceps to forearm bent, to the highest possible point, the total contraction in the biceps for a second, then stretch the elbow, so that the whereabouts of dumbbell slowly to starting position. Lian Wan side, for practicing on the other side.


Bend your forearm when the suction, drooping when the breath. Points

Note affixed to the upper arm is to ensure that does not rely on the thigh when the forearm and move the elbow bent.

------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------

arm biceps curl arms ramp brachial biceps 2 triceps

stand in the starting position ramp, the two holding a barbell, palms up, the whole arm, or upper arm flat against the inclined board.

Contraction biceps action process will be bent forearm up until the highest possible point, the total contraction in the biceps for a second, then slowly loose exhibition elbow, so that the bar slowly back down to the board.

Bend your forearm when the breathing method inhale and fall when the breath. Points

Note oblique flat plate affixed to the arm, first straight down as far as possible. On the curved forearm, the shoulder is not the slightest contraction.

------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------

previous wrist curl position

Start Anti-handed grip barbell, squat down . Will be posted on the forearm and thigh, on the wrist to move out, hanging on his knees before the two-handed grip bar can also be positive. Anti-grip the inside of the main train forearm muscles. Grip training is the main lateral forearm muscles. Can also be affixed to the upper arm leaning flat or inclined board turns around to do or to do with the dumbbells.

Action process

forearms flat against the thigh, only the best wrist upward and bent inward transfer (contraction of flexor muscles), until no longer bend turn, the static one second. Forearm muscles to relax, so that the wrist to move down.


Qu inhale when you turn the wrist, back when the breath.

Note that elements of

bent to the final, we must make every effort to shrink the forearm muscles (flexor muscle) a second, and then gradually relaxed.

Training the biceps and triceps of the fun

August 16, 2008

in the preparation of this special report, I am only interested in two things - the arm of the biceps and triceps! I need to know Sean. Star Ray in the end how the upper arm was trained so well developed.

"Arm almost everyone likes the body parts," he said, "People want you to show muscles, they do not want to see your legs, they need to look at is your arm, reason is very simple and most easily observed in the arm . Over the years, the arm is considered to mark a person's strength. "
" as the balanced development of the whole body is very important, there are a pair of well developed arm is equally important. "
" For me, the training arm is a very pleasant thing to watch and feel like a balloon inflated biceps or triceps expansion is generally going to explode like pieces of a very comfortable thing, but it never made me afraid and did not dare to stop to practice, my arm developed to success is: very hard and is not lazy training, plus find out for my own actions, as well as the training set number, frequency, angle and rest time.

"I do not have a secret training in movement, I just do something for myself, but a little change in the basic moves. My training philosophy is the case. Pyramid increase, without affecting the correct posture as much as possible, under the premise that a large increase, almost no pressure type of frequency, 1 to 2 groups of warm-up exercise, and then do three sets of each movement of heavy 8 to 15 under the times, each a part of doing 3-4 kinds of actions. If you insist there is a secret, these are the secret. When I arm in training, frequent changes in point of view, because it can fully training to the muscles. This star is very important. "
For Sean. Ray, the development arm of a pair of ordinary bodybuilder and a pair of champion bodybuilder's arm is a bit different, this is the attitude of respect. You must have this attitude:" If you make the greatest efforts and effort in training, you'll get the best return. "
Finally, he concluded:" In the training, time and perseverance to go on in life, things do not foolhardy, to be very happy to deal with Cai Xing. Believe me, as long as you continue to train forces to go, your physique will eventually change. For each thing we should do 110% of the state of mind; 100% of the effort to make you become very good, but 110% will make you even more great! "
Df66175452010-03-30 08:36:00 +0000 #3
sentence: Guizaijianchi!



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