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Guidance on how to find someone to guide training

zhrssy2010-03-31 06:10:54 +0000 #1
first shows that physical exercise is the first thing, exercise capacity is also a fight first, I did not want to go and Shuishui fighting, but now people really ridiculous, I remember one girl threatened to let the other classes girls into school, the ambulance pulled out school, a little two obvious skill, but with the pull of the Erwubawan like, speechless.

Whenever I see a similar incident occurred in the side, of course, ridicule is one thing, there are on the one hand because I was their own with their friends, but at least I think that, as a boy, Da Buda sorties to be, so nothing wrong to be playing some of the total .

I first explain the basic situation, 16, is currently students reading (so please consider the time of the guidance is generally 6:30 am I went out about two hours at home, lunch at noon time, around 22:50 at night home)

Height 183 -- 185, weight 65 or so less than 70 bar, due to no exercise, is also reckoned tantamount to fighting a low not seen specific to what situation, ah, ah, think to arm straight, upper half of the next half of it urges look further than the slightly more detail.

That, apart from saying that their studies as the most important, and for your husband to pass, my temple is small, can not tolerate you about this Big Buddha statue, 咱 exercise exercise no wrong.

Say that nonsense, casually want to make two points, passing, recommendations let me single-door to invite a coach to train the professionals you please self-respect, my shallow, too poor to feed you this dragon.

A very sincere ask for help, You Are the One.

I QQ: 834568190

If there is a good-hearted people willing to help verify that the information can be added Please indicate the I

Thank you,

asia01062010-03-31 06:24:34 +0000 #2
see your body seems to be thin

most important thing is what used to not exercise any exercise to meet the do not continue in this way will be back now

I suggest you eat rice points (schools, those who sell junk food eating point)

if the schools close to home to go to school for at least running

should have effective school
clock a small2010-03-31 06:24:00 +0000 #3
This should be a result of person to another, to restore physical fitness will definitely improve the beneficial effects of combination drug and health very good, but pay attention to moderate. "As to what fitness means," From a doctor's point of view, should be the easiest way to fitness the most effective, not necessary to take the fitness diverse and more difficult way, because that will increase the psychological burden, as long as the effective on-line fitness , so that the body has reached sporting purposes, so that blood can flow smoothly, like playing badminton or running, fast walking, etc., so that the effect of strengthening the body immune system is better. "

Fitness has no effect, is to go through a period of training, in order to detect it. Reflect the effects available from the following aspects:

1, the subjective feeling

If you arrange appropriate training load, then the exercise by The subjective feeling should be full of energy and fitter, I feel comfortable and eager to exercise.

2, perspiration amount of

When the exercise load is appropriate, the body may have Weihan or moderate degree of sweating. If the load is too large, the body is too tired, then train those who will be sweating profusely, soaked to the skin. Of course, the amount of perspiration even as the temperature, pressure, wind speed and water may be.


emotional feelings of human health " Barometer ", but also bear the burden of the human body to measure a subjective indicator. In general, the needs of the human body with movement, as such needs are met, people will create a pleasant emotional experience.

4, loss of appetite

human body engaged in physical training process, its energy consumption is significant. Generally speaking, if the normal physiological responses after exercise in good health, a person's appetite is very strong, the appetite will increase.

5, sleep status

If the load of physical exercise appropriate, should normally sleep well, sleep deeply and less dreaming, wake up, I felt very energetic and in good working order and stress state.

6, the efficiency and life skills

If the Fitness load appropriate, in the work and life will be energetic, intellectually focused, quick thinking, memory clear, seeking knowledge, strong adaptability, confidence, and life capability.

These are qualitative judgments. objective and quantitative indicators to determine are:


adult morphological index indicator after the test patterns are:

circumference indicators: arm circumference, leg circumference, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference. normal people under normal circumstances, the greater the circumference, shows the degree of obesity the more remarkable.

substantial degree of indicators: such as body mass index (BMI) (weight kg / height m2), 18.5

23 for the normal, larger than this value for overweight and obese. there is weight for height comparison table Quetelet index.

body composition indicators: such as the measuring arm, back, abdomen, legs and other parts of the skin-fold thickness. measuring body fat percentage is greater than 20% of men and women more than 30% of body fat super - limits.

8, respiratory and circulatory function index

cardiovascular indicators are: blood pressure (100

140 / 60

90mmHg is normal), heart rate, electrocardiogram, hemoglobin, lipids, cholesterol, high density lipoprotein and so on.

lung function indicators are: vital capacity, maximum ventilation volume, chest bad breath holding, breath-holding time.

Measuring morning pulse can reflect the body's fatigue and functional status. If the morning pulse stable or gradual decline, is a good exercise performance; if the clock the morning than in the past 5 times / min or more, is fatigue, functional decline in performance.

Cardiovascular exercise test: cardiac work index test. movement pattern: 30 seconds 30 times when squatting (1 / 1 seconds). cardiac work index = (P1 + P2 + P3-200) / 10. where P1: When the quiet pulse, P2: for 15 seconds immediately after exercise the pulse × 4, P3: for one minute after exercise, after 15 seconds pulse × 4. Evaluation: The index is smaller, indicating better cardiovascular function.

9, the quality of indicators

usually exercise frequency, duration, movement distance as the test target.



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