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How to shape a perfect body

23,132,2182010-03-31 13:11:26 +0000 #1
I am 1.75 meters, weight on the low side point, and only 120 pounds, would like to through a variety of channels to shape their own body, hope my friends to suggestions! ! ! ! The best exercise is a systematic approach, I would like a simple method of exercise to those that do not need a gym! ! ! ! ! !
sacan22010-03-31 13:27:00 +0000 #2
first systematic training methods

the first one you need to have time to do. To tie in with your time.

No. 2 you need to have equipment, tools, site. If you are outdoor sports, after all, will be affected by weather. So you do not think the gym itself is very rare train the system to do so

you do not go the gym, I can only give you some recommendations can not say that system, because do not know your habits. Though not reach so perfect, but to improve your physical body, or be able to play a role. As long as you follow the advice

1 can participate in swimming, moderate running.

2 there is no professional guidance even if you have equipment you can not do a standard action and fitness program. So, do push-ups on the bar Meng. Soldiers are not so out of practice.

3 is your diet, eat greasy. Eat high-protein food, beef, chicken (preferably the breast), eggs, milk, fish. Want to instant sports series can be considered edible protein powder, creatine, etc. nutrition, long muscles depend on the protein. And then there are adequate fruit

4 a good life habits, it is best not to drink alcohol is the high-calorie foods. Do not stay up all night, adequate sleep. Life is to uphold the law of

5 movement, movement can not be done overnight so there must be a cycle in order to achieve good results

6 still insist on movement out of the effect of training is necessary to maintain, consolidate

7 has been insisting movement, want to have the perfect body? ? ? Then you do not stop Come on!

You want the perfect body is to pay a certain price, so you should be determined to adhere to is the biggest problem you face! ! !
zuqiuwangzi72010-03-31 13:58:26 +0000 #3
That's impossible. . . . . The so-called perfect body you only go to the gym. . . .

But there is a steel body may be called, that is, practicing martial arts. . . Just like Bruce Lee did, but so is through to the enhanced fitness. . . .

Do you think I do a perfect body be? I was practicing out of the gym. . . .

To build only two methods, but the same thing. . . Fitness and martial arts. . . .

Your own election, but all require long-term exercise to achieve the. . . .

Quick is not. . . . .

If you want to reach in 2012 a very good figure, in addition to its own foundation of a good day, but also exercise, eat well, drink well, rest well, but also medicine injections, can be achieved. . .

You're considering to see if someone says that there is a third way that is irresponsible fool you. . .
oo53532010-03-31 13:27:01 +0000 #4
you give the sub enough, be assured, there will be a lot of copy paste plans and methods to you.



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