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Who can tell, how reasonable in the gym to lose weight

Dragon suddenly children2010-04-06 13:11:35 +0000 #1
female, 163cm 60 kg, thigh, abdomen, arms accumulation of large piles of fat

go to the gym should do, what the election machinery, the training time more often?
seungim2010-04-06 13:13:15 +0000 #2
anything is planning before action, to lose weight is the same, before the reduction, we must first figure out the purpose of weight loss: first, how fat you are? What you want to cut? To reduce the number?

If it is to the health club to exercise, you can check if there is "body composition analyzer," yes, estimated first purchase private teaching, coaching will be measured to you free of charge 1 bar, but also a report The data above are in there, of course, private education will give you more of the other data, these are an important basis for formulation of health plans.

Recommended to buy a "physical master" to view the body composition fitness apparatus, two or three hours of private education costs, take-home test you can own it, and every day of their test, to see this every day body of data changes.

No matter what kind of exercise, on weight loss and muscle 帮助 certainly more or less, but must focus, effective Yaokuai, then according to personal Qing Kuang Lai 制订 have 针对性 program areas. Moyoujiandao personal health analysis report, any recommendations are vague.
5464831412010-04-06 13:19:50 +0000 #3
jogging on a treadmill to do 3000 meters 30 sit-ups 3 times for the first time to do a Latin dance has more to lose weight pedal bike



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