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To reduce the belly and thighs of yoga videos Where can download Thunder

yitenghongzi2010-04-06 15:11:10 +0000 #1
I have recently gone up by 10 kg of meat, mainly between the stomach to the legs, I use a lot of methods are useless, and even less food will not work, I heard that yoga can Successful weight loss is also experimental, so please help me, please tell me where to download the video tutorial Thunder, so I can do at home, I am grateful. As the person in a foreign country so as Youku. Potatoes and other sites do not increase, so do not give sites like this home video is useless to me, Oh
Long Results2010-04-06 15:16:30 +0000 #2
My dear fellow, you need a deeper understanding of yoga

Yoga is not true Like other fitness program can target a certain part of the same exercise, so will lose the true purpose of yoga

use the best yoga weight loss benefit is available integrated conditioning does not rebound, as many of our Chinese culture from the inside out as the conditioning, the first conditioning all six systems and body functions.

And you can see is that bad

but heartfelt slow recommend that you practice yoga

information can be obtained from

Thank you to my

Pan Guangliang



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