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Nanjing, where can I buy a better treadmill and exercise equipment?

Government officials2010-04-06 16:11:51 +0000 #1
Private procurement: 2.5 hp treadmill one, single device a combination of training, a sit-up board, 20kg dumbbell package combination of a pair of rubber.

Do not introduce the so-called well-known brand, I work in the sports department!

Product Requirements:

1, to provide products to certified products by the EU CE/EN957

2, continuous horsepower treadmill requires 2.5-2.75P, model multi-Free! (I weight 95-100kg)

3, single training device requires a combination of plating process (baking process can also be good, one to pass RoHS standards), no thick pipe wall thickness of not less than 1.0mm, the more simple and more functional good.

4, the length of sit-up board of not less than 1.4m, arc, to folding type.

5, more than 10,000 yuan of the total price of a free.

6, asked the Nanjing local businesses, shipping address in the general Boulevard.

My Contact E-mail:

15 days on this message.
KINDAIWOO2010-04-06 16:17:19 +0000 #2
Nanjing side Joe (fitness equipment) Trade Co., Total Price: 9280 yuan / cover.

JS-4500 electric treadmill a 6600

JS-9012 single comprehensive training device a 2200

JS-001 abdominal board a 280

YL-20kg coated dumbbells 1 200

Contact Phone: 025 - 84,369,792

Contact Address: Nanjing Road, District No. 471 gold.

Specific program please see: mail. Waiting to hear!



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