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Muscle powder wealth of knowledge!

film blood flower2010-04-07 22:10:02 +0000 #1
I am a student of 17 height 172 weight 63

do not know can not eat muscle powder?

If I can help let me how to use. What should be noted. Which is relatively better with the words

not to how we can use?

(I basically exhausted every effort to exercise all)
ryongmu2010-04-07 22:19:31 +0000 #2
guy's too tricky question following a copy of your bones is relatively thick or thin? Rough is the content-type bone thin is not the content of external Han-line

type recommended that you eat by a fraction.

By a fraction concept is that strict. . . Whey protein powder + carbon water (mainly from rice flour we eat what) if you often absorbed by carbon fraction of the water you do not eat. That's it! Ha ha.

Thin people fat metabolism is not fast how quickly the water used to consume the carbon body muscles strong so they can not.

Means that carbon and water shield is the same muscle. Do not let the carbon-carbon and water often absorb water depletion is probably the way to explain to you the depth you do not understand. Such a physical condition so you do not eat muscle points. Eat more frequent meals. Absorb carbon more water.

Protein Powder it. Selling expensive gym. They purchase about 40% when the price of your own choice. Recommended Kang Bite's. Security point. Whey is still too expensive nitrogen line. Do not want to eat this on the recommendation Ou Pute fierce. Eat the best of the BSN to taste good. Hey



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