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I practiced muscle problem

Drew melon children2010-04-08 11:11:19 +0000 #1
I want to train the abdominal muscles obvious sleek lines, do not block and bloated the next day

I do 200 sit-ups and 100 push-ups and skipping 40 minutes, my stomach on the first throughout the sagging flesh

Some friends say that muscle is through exercise, "strain" and then added up to more fish protein in meat, eggs

or that I have the stomach to reduce fat, you can see the lines, can not eat meat fats and proteins fat items. . Which is right?
taopeipei_cl2010-04-08 11:17:11 +0000 #2
Well, agreed on the first floor of a friend say, abdominal indeed rely on reduced fat, remember, in October 2009 around the time I have been practicing that fit more than six months, and body from top to bottom muscle have been more obvious, but the abdominal muscles alone can not see it. Although the force gasped, and then hand touching it, can really feel the abdomen there four of the hard abdominal muscles, but can not see it. So I ask a moment looks very nice abdominal muscles in the gym over those people, the results they told me that if you if the abdominal fat content is too high, certainly do not see the abdominal muscles, and suggested that I reduce the usual intake when eating the fat content, and to do muscle exercises before you go into 45 minutes of aerobic exercise (jogging in fact), this will help reduce fat as jogging 45 minutes or so is the fat reducing effect of better times, but physical exertion is not large, so wait for the next exercise, when muscle strength there. So I did as I say they do, usually when you eat less fat, eat more meat, not fat meat and greasy stuff. When drinking milk, but also try to drink whole milk, the minimum drinking low-fat. Then do 200 sit-ups a day, but before dinner time. So now, I look like four abdominal muscles have a very clear. However, what little oil out of gas really is not that good, do not know whether your eating habits? Low-fat and skim milk are difficult to eat ah! There is both morning and evening I drank porridge. And then eat a little fish, as well as a glass of milk each morning and evening. Never mind that some ton fed at noon, it is best to add more fine points of beef. But can not eat too much, sooner or later. Especially at night, the best half-full when the state of sleep the best, have more than eight hours of sleep. Exercise is best in the afternoon, this time the best exercise. To significantly streamlined muscle lines, light exercise is not enough, even diet. Best not to eat pork, do not say is not high protein content, fat content is not low. Beef well, but high-calorie, preferably at noon to eat, eat in the afternoon exercise can provide energy and protein, at best only eat porridge and fish, if it is too much for, plus a light bread. See, however, can not eat greasy million. Normal cooking time and controlling the amount of oil.
1249995522010-04-08 11:25:49 +0000 #3
muscle strain and indeed rely on cross-training, but you have to practice very often Sanda like running or burn fat burning, or fat is certainly not too many lines -



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