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Running, how to pedal more and more rough thighs! ! ! !

Dragon suddenly children2010-04-09 05:10:02 +0000 #1
These days go to the gym for exercise, running basically 30 minutes, a kind of walk like a high leg lift machine for 20 minutes, then relax and so on for 15 minutes

but insisted a few days to find thigh even thicker than before it! ! ! !

Kusi, and who can tell me how to lose weight to thin mechanical legs, lower abdomen?
Miyaviholic2010-04-09 05:19:13 +0000 #2
this is the beginning of your muscles may not yet adjusted to the large amount of exercise the body will basically slightly swollen after the change if your weight does not matter much with the long campaign to lose weight fat completely is a long patience work if you do enough exercise to relax fully after a period of time to worry about lines will naturally become good

ps: If you want to avoid weight loss after a large amount of exercise do not eat high-calorie stuff would be counterproductive, as the proposed exercise a cucumber or a glass of skim milk

pps: after exercise shower room with hot and cold water or turn red leg muscles before going to sleep the water foot bath used knee (right plus point oils) can effectively relax the leg muscles

I wish shaping success
desert water vendors2010-04-09 05:59:11 +0000 #3
I suggest you go to the gym Xianpao 1000m relax muscles and then do sit-ups and weight-bearing upper extremity that other parts have uniform training Otherwise people will really at odds throughout the final day of live running 1000m shape on a

ok In fact, you do not need so much exercise every day, not good for the muscles of their own because of lack of adequate rest and had the mechanical damage suggest that you do as I say not eager to lose weight at least insist on a month

If you are a large amount of exercise each muscle growth faster than the fat consumed more crude from time to leg -

Do not hurry you will succeed!



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