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MM practice yoga, there is the Ministry of lumbar pain, the expertise to enlighten! !

Small shabby2010-04-10 00:10:09 +0000 #1
I taught myself yoga about six months, and I am no dance background, but the relatively soft bone with natural body, although beginners yoga, also made a lot more familiar with the difficulty of the position (such as loafers style, pigeon-style, on the wheel, etc. ). But three or four months ago, doing backward position, such as Cobra-style will be some pain when the lumbar region and the sense of body position, such as wind and make the tree bending power, the side was a little sore muscles stretch. But the massage action to recover after the pain disappeared, no impact on daily life, just re-do the backward position again when there is pain. This state continued until now! Is this why? Whether the action I did do a bit too much, or my spine and other parts of the problem?

Please enlighten professionals! ! Reward high scores! !
Long Results2010-04-10 00:17:45 +0000 #2
yoga involves many disciplines, even practitioners, we should understand the simple kinematics, motion Anatomy

have professional knowledge of yoga asana practice and the practice of reasonable mitigation.

Then bend is the most prone to injury do not understand the style conscious control

in the state of practice is not recommended under any slightly difficult style. So, yoga is not self-learning, a good qualified teacher who is very important.

Normal after our practice after the curved bend is active, the common doctrine to tell you some of it:

a waist really relax back muscles stretch to fingertip, not the strength to bend

2 buttocks muscles tight to protect the lumbar spine, sacrum comply with the direction of spinal bending (taboo Alice fade after bending)

After the three exercises conducted after the corresponding curved front stretch ease and relaxation

Panguang Liang
Fan Zhiyi Ying2010-04-10 00:24:00 +0000 #3
You say that the problem is caused by too strong movement, yoga style exercises must with good breathing, yoga breathing is fundamental, after all, not to practice yoga acrobatics. Feel pain, because your body has warned of the need conditioning. Yoga must be gradual to feel the benefits of yoga, rather than put an action. I am also a yoga instructor. qq908711973



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