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I ask what the correct running posture, and detailed description of what

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I Miyazaki fans2010-04-10 20:27:17 +0000 #2
best running position:


running head and shoulder movement Tips - Keep head and shoulders stability. Head to being in front, unless the road uneven and not before the probe, two look ahead. Appropriate to relax the shoulder to avoid Hanxiong.

Dynamic thrust - shrug. Drooping shoulders relax, and then as the towering, stop what, after reduction of duplication.

2, arm and hand movements

Running Tips - arm and shoulder axis should be based around the action, not more than about range of motion for the body midline. Fingers, wrist and arm should be relaxed, the elbow angle of about 90 degrees.

Dynamic thrust - lift arm elbow. Arms, one after the other into the prepared starting position, raise as much as possible after the arm elbow, then relax before the swing. With more lift when the higher movement speed.


running the trunk and hip movements essentials - from the neck down belly upright, not leaning forward (unless accelerating or hill), or backward, it is a good breathing, balance and pace. Do not shake or around the trunk up and down too much. Leg before the pendulum positive hip, running to pay attention to hip rotation and relaxation.

Dynamic thrust - lunge leg pressing. Before and after the opening of the legs, shoulder width, center of the body under pressure to slow muscle tension, then relax restore. Always keep the trunk upright.


running action essentials waist - waist to keep the natural upright, not too straight. Slight muscle tension, to maintain body posture, while paying attention to buffer the impact of foot landing.

Dynamic thrust - front of body flexion and extension. Natural stance, legs open, and shoulder width. Slow trunk flexion to the sagging hands to toes, to keep for a while, and then recover.

5, thigh and knee

running action essentials - thigh and knee exertion Swing, not elevation. Any lateral leg movements are superfluous, and easily lead to knee injuries, so the thigh is the first place to be.

Dynamic Tension - The former bent. Feet hip width with the station from. Hands on their heads. Stoop forward from the hip. To keep back straight, until the biceps femoris nervous.


calf and Achilles tendon running action essentials - feet should rest about one foot before the body position, close to the midline. Leg should not cross too far, to avoid too large Achilles tendon strain due to force. Also pay attention to the calf muscles and Achilles tendon in the ground when the buffer, landing back leg should be actively Pa, so that the body actively forward. In addition, the direction of the lower leg to be placed before the positive, forward foot should try not to valgus or back, or knee and ankle joints vulnerable to injuries. Can check for footprints on the beach running for reference.

Dynamic thrust - braced wall toes. Face to the wall about 1 meter stand, arms protrusion and shoulder width, hand support wall. Toes, then lay down, feeling tight calf and Achilles tendon.

7, heel and toes

running action essentials - if the pace is too large, too much leg protrusion, will heel, resulting in brake brake reaction force, much of the bone and joint injuries. The right foot landing in the middle of the ground, and let the impact quickly spread to the entire sole.
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hips run



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