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What is protein powder good?

Neuropathy did not the medical Rights2010-04-13 04:11:31 +0000 #1
Do wordy lot of useless. . `
I used to fitness. Who I'd recommend a good point,. Thank you.
ruyi9149142010-04-13 04:23:11 +0000 #2
protein powder is good, but really Guia, if not professional bodybuilding, then no use to tell the truth, in the gym coach would tell you how good how good of egg white powder, In fact, it was all coaches to make money, which recommended what you eat protein powder, which makes more money, they recommend what, you only guarantee that 2-3 eggs a day is enough, eat the best kind of domesticated Chicken eggs, nutrition is better.

If the economy allows, of egg white powder is definitely good, Amway natural protein powder is the best of it!
Soft ashtray2010-04-13 04:22:31 +0000 #3
My recommendation has been eating their own, Ouputemeng 5 pounds of chocolate. Taobao price around 300.

Before eating champion, BSN, muscle science, technology and Kang Bite (this is made in China) of protein powder, but feeling more down or Ouputemeng 5 pounds of chocolate taste a little better, in fact almost nutrients, they do not buy to counterfeit, or look the other flavors, price.

Kang Bite of protein powder is also good, but now with a large price rise, felt uneconomical.

In addition, Ouputemeng 5 pounds of protein powder sales in foreign countries, well-known sites ranked very high, most of the first row.

Hope to help you.
Screw Clockwork Bird2010-04-13 04:28:31 +0000 #4
upstairs money, envy one. . .

5 pounds how long you eat?

By my weight and body fat I intake of 180g of protein a day or less.

2kg of powder for only 15 days. 300 Ocean 15 days is too much for me.

So ask a buddy if you have money to burn. Does not matter, muscle milk Rights, muscle and Technology Rights, in particular amino acid esterification, and muscle technology nitroteq positive nitrogen powder. That thief with up fierce.

Money told me wildly. . . Soil thief wpc80 it.

Protein that stuff, the first is the full amount .... Thai rice is not tasty? A small bowl of the day you do not eat the big top Zan tube rice sub .... ate 5 pounds of powder if the powder for two months that God is not enough you out of meat.

I am sorry a lot of useless or wordy, it simply recommends ....

no technical content of the low protein powder + one single buy buy BCAA + Glutamine + single buy multi-dimensional piece.



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