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My height 174CM, 65KG. . Like a muscle. . Now looks a bit fat, flesh, a little soft. . How to train

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No matter what part of the muscle training, if it is to increase muscle, the weight must be chosen from 10 to 15 times in each group felt fatigue Weight (fatigue the next day no energy for exercise / muscle, but no injuries on the right a), every time (days) Group 3 to 5 group exercise enough. The interval of two minutes each, but no more than 3 minutes. (Provided that the right action, total concentration, the full exercise of the muscles used to be repeated tightening and relaxation of other muscle groups not involved in leveraging as much as possible). (Arnold's training methods are separated in each group 1 minute)

If it is to remove fat, the weight chosen can not be so heavy, each can be appropriate to 20 times, is 3 to 5 groups. (Also to be increased aerobic exercise as an adjuvant, such as long-distance running, skipping, etc.)

can increase muscle and eliminate fat on the same day to practice, do first group weight training 3 to 5, then followed with a light weight enough to make 2 groups the. (Usually through the lightweight weight after practice has also been very tired, to chest, for example, I have tried with bench space bar is very difficult); also can increase muscle and eliminate fat separate days to practice.

As for how often, depends on characteristics of individual muscles, it is best not to practice every day with a muscle, usually through weight training every other two or three days after the proposed re-training. Because research shows that exercise fitness muscle through weight training makes a large muscle cells within the minor break, and then after several days of repair, to enable them to resume and become larger and more robust. Moreover, this recovery process is often carried out among people sleep. (So that adequate scientific training + sleep + adequate nutrition, these three conditions are indispensable)

on the biceps and pectoral muscles of the exercise, each separated not only a day or two, and each exercise should choose different action, especially breast, in order to practice a more beautiful chest, barbells, dumbbells and other equipment to be used, and the station, recumbency, supine, lying should be trained to Caixing. Specific action choices, you can go to the network, professional books and magazines on the go.

About the body muscles, you can partition your condition to practice the next day, the large muscle groups are accompanied by small muscle groups to exercise, such as Monday practice chest muscle, triceps muscle, big leg, forearm muscle; Tuesday practice the latissimus dorsi muscle , abdominal, biceps, calf; Wednesday ... ... and so on. (Abdominal muscles can actually be practiced every day)

PS, if you do not participate in the competition or the bodyguard, I suggest you better not last too much weight, because the muscle was trained too huge and beyond their proportion, the result is not would be nice. If young people are not going to foreign competition, are generally chosen to light weight chest, abdominal, biceps out of lines of practice already is cricket, and instead will triceps, latissimus dorsi, oblique side muscle was trained too obvious, so not very photogenic, but also very difficult to buy clothes to buy. Personal experience, so I practiced for many years no.

Good luck
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Running - Swimming - Gymnastics - lifting dumbbells - not too fat -



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