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Poke evil2010-04-18 23:10:36 +0000 #1
I mainly do is to strengthen the sixth grade physical


I think the Internet is like the adult program

my time is 30 minutes morning and evening for an hour

please give me some suggestions

best help me to set a plan

my main training leg muscle strength, arm strength, abdominal (stomach did not force my ah) are explosive, then I would add

good points! ----
Drinking Alone by Moonlight Kazakhstan2010-04-18 23:12:45 +0000 #2
, best practice had finished the chest and then shoulders.

Shoulder deltoid muscle showed a bottom-up, tip down triangle, just before, during, and after three parts: the front of the function is to arm bending and internal rotation, central to outreach arm, back to the upper arm extension and external rotation, and three parts of the muscle contraction makes outreach arm.

Trapezius in the neck and back skin of the side of the triangle, right and left sides were inclined square consistency, hence the name trapezius. It is to control the muscles of the scapula activities, its development can be prevented after the hump. Also associated with shoulder supraspinatus, infraspinatus muscle, teres minor, teres major muscle, etc.. Here shoulder muscle exercise movements.

Feet vertical elected to open shoulder width, back of the hand grip bar leaned forward, hands shoulder width distance. First mention to the front bar will be placed on the clavicle and the two shoulder bars. Tight chest and waist to maintain posture, elbow raised up, and then use the shoulder muscles, lift, push on, straighten your arms, pause, lift, back into the subclavian Department, and then push play again. Inhale when pushed, when the fate of breath. Shall not be pushed too Ta Yao, nor mention leveraging the heel. This action can be developed shoulder muscles and upper body strength.

Sitting in a chair sitting on the back of the neck elected, will be pushed to the bar overhead, then slowly drop to the back of the neck. From slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Inhale when pushed, when the fate of breath. The role of this action and choose the same upright.

Feet dumbbell held before the opening level, two-handed grip dumbbell back of the hand put forward before leg. Chest and abdomen, first with one arm before the crucifix by the body before lifting to the top of the head, then falling, falling in the arm while the other arm raised, so turn on the move. On the move as you inhale, the whereabouts of breath. To do this action, the body can not forward back, chest should always maintain a tight waist arm posture. This action is mainly exercise anterior deltoid muscles. Exercise should focus on the deltoid muscle when the ideas front. Do not have a tight grip ring to the principle of dumbbells can not afford to, or, in the deltoid muscle exercise intensity is low, the forearm muscles might have been very soreness. This action can also be replaced before the flat barbell held that barbell arm raised both hands to eye level than the drop after the redo.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise legs open, hands holding dumbbells put boxing lateral eyes forward, chest abdomen, arms, grip ring Lateral Raise arm to shoulder level, pause, re-arm grip Ling Xun Yuanlu whereabouts to the lateral line. On the move as you inhale, the whereabouts of breath. This action is mainly lateral deltoid exercise. Exercise should focus on the deltoid when the ideas in the beam.

To mention the opening bell shrug

feet, back of the hand holding barbell put forward before leg. Then the contraction of the trapezius shoulder to shoulders to the ears stood erect as possible, pause, and then relax the shoulder muscles, his arms back to starting position. Shrug you inhale, and relax when the breath. This action is mainly trapezius exercise. Ideas should focus on when training trapezius. Can only shrug barbell power to increase the role of arms is fixed barbells, not to fall, not elbow to the bar raised, or fail to exercise the purpose of trapezius.



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