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Bench press 80 kg 2 months of strength grown very slowly

wanlance2010-01-31 20:01:09 +0000 #1
rose to 80 kg from 60 kg with only half a month, doing 80 kg 2 months have people to protect each group of five do not always easy to do up, but not on the 8 not matter how one has done my body weight 69 kg
superjpl2010-01-31 20:14:22 +0000 #2
terms based on your weight has been considered a lot of bench press 80kg, and I also trained for 2 years when 70 kg of body weight to push 130kg only (in the At that time, the largest weight of a), and now the weight of peacetime training, and only 120kg. But you know, I rose to 100kg from 80kg used the how long? Half a year! Of course, I am rather lazy with a great relationship with the left chest injuries, there is a certain relationship, but the great weight of any case under the bench press to continue to improve the performance will indeed be more difficult.

On your current situation, performance is acceptable should be the maximum weight of 85 kilograms, and would like to continue to improve there are three areas need attention. The first is nutrition and rest. Muscle and strength are at rest are recovery and growth, which we all know that, as for nutrition, if only general training, to add protein, electrolytes can be, if you want red heavy weight, you might consider using some special supplements, such as creatine and so on. The second is the scientific method. Strength increases and the stock market volatility is also rising, like graphics, up one point or point, has another point, dropped by another point, the overall trend upwards. Then when you get to the plateau, when, as now 80kg parking space of 2 months to consider changes in movements and training methods. For example now you can use 55-60kg weight training group number and the number of impulse to improve muscular endurance month. The third is that we must note that the absolute strength training, if you only practice bench press, do not practice squat, dead lift and other body movements, then the bench press certainly do not increase, even if on the point, it is also very easy for some time to stop training later (such as illness, business trips, etc. just months to Sunday only) rapidly decreased.

The end, old habits, we talk about step by step! Do not instant success, or chest hurt like I did it, but a very troublesome thing.
tramax2010-01-31 20:33:54 +0000 #3
the human body there is a limit, the more the smaller the growth rate to a high point of this is in the affirmative.

It's like learning the same, from the bottom first want to increase, beginning very soon, it may enter into the top 10, and then progress will certainly be very slow.

So, do not force yourself too much body, health and safety first!



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