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I would like to increase fitness rather than letting the muscles the muscles full of angular lines,

I is a tank of water2010-01-31 20:01:53 +0000 #1
my aim is to muscle fitness lines

recent meal there Kuanglian makes a lot of able-bodied muscle mass gets bigger lines, but a sense of that were not evident

is not a need to reduce the fat intake?

In addition, I would like to distinguish between muscle pain and the tears of pain, the difference between lactic acid which can brush lines

I usually practice at that time a very fierce, but the body was not very sore muscles, but slept the night after the lactic acid had some sore Is whether a lot or a muscle tear muscle tear can enhance the lines?
guolpyy2010-01-31 20:16:03 +0000 #2
muscles you want to clear, and only lose fat

fat is covering the muscle, so do not reduce body fat, can not see the shape of the muscles can only go running

Fat Reduction the (at the gym with elliptical machines, dynamic bicycles, treadmills can be, are aerobic exercise)

But they should also increase the content of certain muscles, or else lose fat, not muscle more than it did not spare ribs with a different from the.

Lactic acid accumulation of the word, in bodybuilding is now seldom mentioned in general is that the great weight of the stimulation caused minor injuries to the muscle fibers, muscle fiber damage will be absorbed after the intake of nutrients to repair itself, thereby increasing muscle size, which is the principle of increasing muscle.

To the line clearly depends on how much body fat you have, but low body fat is not conducive to good health
black eye rookie2010-01-31 20:38:29 +0000 #3
possible actions are not standardized, in combination with what aerobic exercise, lose fat, should the outcome will be good point.



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