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Muscle powder used by post-training exercise for a long period of time is not the same as it will ap

66.16064 million2010-01-31 21:01:40 +0000 #1
by muscle powder, as mentioned above, whether the adverse reaction? I also considered an amateur fitness, every night for over an hour, just wanted to come up with muscles, but do not want to become a muscle man --- and I would therefore try to increase muscle under the powder, rather than protein powder, but was worried about backfire. .

Will the BSN increased muscle powder in various weight between the price of roughly how much? Hangzhou whether an entity trusted stores, or will online reputation whether the letter had a good seller, please tell thank you.
solomonqq2010-01-31 21:17:38 +0000 #2

Your first two questions I can answer, the latter two problems powerless problem, I was in Beijing, Hangzhou, there are not familiar with the situation.

Increase muscle powder and whey protein powder have increased muscle and promote muscle repair role, but the two are different, they see you focus啦.

If you are purely in order to increase weight, then the choice is to increase muscle powder! Relative to the protein powder is concerned, increasing muscle powder more professional.

Because the composition of protein powder is protein good for muscle repair.

Increase muscle powder heat higher, in addition to a certain amount of protein, also includes carbohydrates, various vitamins and trace elements, and some also joined creatine, glutamine, etc.

appear muscular atrophy, and eating eggs, or white powder nothing to do with increasing muscle powder, and your training intensity and frequency are. If you cut off a long time without training, eating do not eat flour or protein powder increase muscle muscles will atrophy (or called the degradation bar), because the muscle growth stimulus by a continual, if not necessarily the frequency of muscle stimulation, will stop the growth of muscle fibers, degeneration. So, when your muscle circumference reaches a certain degree, but also the big weight of a certain frequency of stimulation in order to maintain the living muscle circumference.

Only, training at the same time, eat flour or protein powder increase muscle training is more effective.

My BSN increases muscle powder are not familiar with, I use the no Rex protein powder, 5 pounds 1 barrel is 347 yuan.

Thank you!
jibi223954942010-01-31 21:46:46 +0000 #3
Hello, increase muscle powder is consistent with the training to a long muscle, increase muscle powder is only in line with the protein and carbohydrates and so on, can be eaten before training, you can also eat in the training, practice out of muscle degeneration and degradation and to your health is not age related, such as you have practiced a year, you may rest a month, on the degradation of a lot, but if you practice for 10 years, you may rest for 2 years, but also nothing.

to pay a total return , good practice, you are shrinking too exaggerated.

to buy additional time to pay attention muscle powder true or false.



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