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Abdominal asymmetry

88,887,3042010-02-02 04:02:11 +0000 #1
doing sit-ups is not which side to which side depends on a small body, or the opposite
jinpeng11022010-02-02 04:12:36 +0000 #2
Friends, please do not worry, in fact, the internal structure of people's abdominal muscles is itself not completely symmetrical The.

And when your abdominal muscles to a certain degree of clarity, you will find this a little better.

Then you will be asked: "Why some people are homogeneous symmetrical abdominal muscles, and I was crooked?"

This is a human construct their own decisions, just like single fold and double-fold, as innate, or determined by the genes. But you should focus on their own merits, after all, out of your abdominal muscles, right? Compared to then bellies, beer belly, etc. out of the abdominal muscles for those who do not practice, you have a great!

Also, I tell you, there are a considerable number of people abdominal muscles is asymmetric, which many of them fit and peak-level tasks - 2009 Olympia champion, has received numerous honors for Jieyikate, you look at pictures of his abdominal muscles is asymmetric, but you can say he did not do good? After all, fitness selection criteria or in muscle circumference, shape, granularity, the full extent and proportion of other comprehensive decision.

Heaven and earth there are still a flawed, why do you care about the individual is not perfect?



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