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How to exercise the muscles of his body

riding turtle cut robbery2010-02-02 05:01:02 +0000 #1
I am 22 years old I feel very relaxed hand muscles seem to have no fresh Can the recommendation of a relatively simple training methods to become more hand-Jin * * less muscle relaxation Thank you
835,636,3882010-02-02 05:02:58 +0000 #2
There are many ways, specifically following these methods Louzhu to refer to the early realization of a dream I wish Louzhu .1: Practicing belly The best way to muscle, or sit-ups, each doing 100-200 a ,20-30 as a group, do at least five groups, depend on the specific personal circumstances. Points can be appropriately increased weight, and holding a dumbbell or a discus what put behind us better. 2: push-ups can also exercise the abdominal muscles. Remember when the fitness must not be tired, one-time, should we do, before there are results, the general is also the time to do 100 or so, or at least divided into 5 groups, specifically to see their own situation. 3: clutch at high levels, the body vertical vacant, waist upward lift force, so that his legs and upper body was 90 degrees, pay attention to the body should not sway other places, do not force, is also a group to do. 4: If you are more abdominal fat, we must adhere to aerobic exercise, running a very effective, you can lose excess fat, so that a better show out of muscle. Training abdominal and other muscles not the same, may continue to stimulate it, and so must each be exhausted in order to achieve the desired effect, in the middle of the interval, preferably a minute or so. Do about six groups. 2 diet may focus on strengthen the high-protein and high fat. exhausted at every movement of about half an hour to 1 hour is the peak of protein intake. attention to eat high-protein food. I had a bit of fat on the stomach, and later adhered to a year in the gym Now the muscles can not say very good, but it looks like is still very evident, and he is full of confidence, I hope you have also been harvested. Chest: Lying elected to do with the dumbbells, lie horizontally Asuka (Note: must be adjustable dumbbell weight. In other words, after a period of time you practice, muscle increased rapidly, but the body has a strong adaptability to exercise in the 6 Then, if you re-use the same weight, then the muscles will grow very slowly, or even no growth.) Dumbbell Lying birds. chest clip the chest, these movements are exercises on the chest muscles. you have to develop training plans, can not be Light training chest muscle, other muscles have to practice. Abdominal: V word from two. (every other day to practice once a practicing four groups of 10 each month, to increase the number of practicing]
hard at work hard _2010-02-02 05:43:44 +0000 #3
running, push-ups, sit-ups, squat.

4 sample Gaoding muscles.



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