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lovhye19902010-02-02 06:01:15 +0000 #1
I 1 m 83 Weight 96.3KG seeking the skills of a weight-loss program to lose weight and thought muscles can also be more tired and could - have had weight loss experience -
hua89258172010-02-02 06:07:09 +0000 #2
1: aerobic training program: cardio-pulmonary functional training run

2 times a week, every 20-30 minutes from the 3-5 km

2: Strength Training Program: (intensity according to their own circumstances master)

1. skipping warm-up for 10 minutes

2. stretching stretching

3. dumbbell exercises seven times a week

4. (times) is the number you are barely able to complete! (based on the number of choices weight)

the first day of leg training day (high-intensity leg training is conducive to the secretion of hormones)

dumbbell squat 10-15RM (times) x3 Group

dumbbell straight leg dead lift 10-15RM

dumbbell squat shear 10-15RM

The next day the chest dumbbell bench press training

10 -- 12RM (sub-) x3

dumbbell chest wide and 10-12RM

dumbbell birds 10-12RM

on the third day back, one arm dumbbell rowing training

: 8-12RM (sub-) x3

dumbbell squat dead lift: 8-10RM

dumbbell bent over row: 8-12RM

on the fourth day Training Day

sitting shoulder dumbbell elect a 10-12RM (times) x3

standing position Dumbbell Lateral Raise 10-12RM

Vertical Dumbbell Row 10-12RM

the fifth day of two training days

seated alternate dumbbell curl 8-12RM (times) x3

dumbbell hammer curl 8-12RM

external rotation Dumbbell curl 8-12RM

sixth day of the three training Japan

one-arm dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm 8-12RM (times) x3

dumbbell bent-arm flexion and 8-12RM

narrow grip push-ups 10-15RM

seventh day of abdominal Training Day

sit-ups 15-20RM (sub) x3

supine leg raise 15-20RM

twist sit-ups 12-15RM

2 from 12-15RM

"RM" in English "repetition maximum" acronym, the Chinese translation of meaning "the greatest duplicate value" . Such as the "6

12RM" expressed is the "most that can be repeated 6 to 12 times the weight."
81890072010-02-02 06:07:30 +0000 #3
This is all ask ah?

Simply the run

4 times a week, every 40 minutes, the speed of about 9-10KM / h

finished have time to stretch the whole point of strength +
LELSSX2010-02-02 06:41:25 +0000 #4
Most Simple ways to lose weight, your fast walking 10 kilometers a day. Adhere to six months, we're OK, my friend would like a reduction of about 30 kilograms.

And you a daily reduction of 1% of appetite, continuous reduction of 30 days. The final 30% reduction in appetite is also just fine.

Attention to meal breaks must be regularity. Eat less fatty foods and spicy food.



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