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Seeking girls gym schedule

Rain _ Sunrise2010-02-02 06:01:46 +0000 #1
is not to train the muscles, but you want to recoil, enhance physical fitness and enhance their immunity. Mainly want to focus on cardiopulmonary function of training, would like to lose waist fat, as long-term work in front of the computer, cervical and lumbar spine are not very good. Time at the gym is not too long, three or four days a week, every two to three hours.

Thank you!
qd8141372010-02-02 06:15:51 +0000 #2
--- girls and boys are different fitness pay special attention to -

excessive weightlifting women's masculine power of nature such as exercise, will lead to significant loss of female hormones. Enable women tend to masculine, grow a beard or chest hair.

Fitness sequelae

Women Regular weight-bearing exercise enormous pressure on the pelvis can cause perineal muscle relaxation and fragility of severe uterine prolapse, or prolapse, incontinence or other consequences.

To do this bodybuilding female bodybuilder expert advice: do more to balance the parade wall standing, feet together, back straight and straight back, two head-up the front protrusion with both hands, palms close to the wall, bending elbows, body make a pre-1 After the action, doing 8-10 times a day.

Choose the right exercise program should focus on training of women fit the body shape, so a balanced exercise, aerobics, sit-ups and other items when the first choice. Can also choose swimming, diving, rope skipping and so on.

Because of a long-term staff at the front of the computer - proposes to increase the strength of a few additional waist and neck strength training -

hands, neck flexion and extension pressure

10 to guide his hands cross the starting position, according to the back of the head. Action process, which puts pressure on the head with both hands so that the next bend forward, the neck is forced to withstand not allow easily under pressure, but gradually down to the neck and clavicle touch handle. Then, the neck, forced her head lifted up, while his hands were forcefully suppressed the head, to prevent its easy to lift, but gradually carried to in-situ. Breathing method to use both hands when you beat the first inhale, the pressure in the end when you breath. When the suction head swarmed, carried to breath when in situ. Note that elements of the head flexion and extension, the body will not bend forward thrown back, be careful not to big too fast of resistance used in previous forced to be smaller, and then gradually increased, in order to avoid neck strain. Do not let the neck of any rotation, but only to do flexion and extension -10 times a group of 5-10 groups - can increase the number of the late

one-hand lateral neck flexion and extension

starting position according to the first right hand, and the other hand $ & * On the left side of his waist. Standing and sitting can be. Action process according to the first right hand forced her head to the left to push pressure, while the neck is forced to withstand not let easily overwhelmed, but gradually being overwhelmed. Then, the neck, forced her head lifted up to the right, while the right hand the head is forcefully suppressed, without their easy to lift, but gradually completely vertical. So over and over again, until the neck was Suanzhang. Lian Wan side, for practicing on the other side. Breathing method of single-handedly forced the head when the suction side pressure, the pressure in the end when you breath. Note that large elements of excessive care not used the resistance to the previous forced to be smaller, and then gradually increased, in order to avoid neck strain. Do not let the neck of any rotation, but only flexion and extension. 10 sub-group of a group of 5-10

Prone to come forward starting position. Can be prone on the bed - his hands clenched behind - on the hip position - feet together -

emergence of a visual front - waist and neck - with force - lift up - carried to the highest -- then relax -. Exercise of this action to avoid the sudden outbreak of force - to avoid the lower back sprain ---. 10 a group of 3-10 group to do -

When will tie in with the usual treadmill jogging - and exercise to avoid strength training aerobics --- ---

can also be a small amount to do sitting crank clip chest -- - the greatest force as you like at half of the -

to do those mechanical strength training when they are the greatest force by half to like a -
l7676754172010-02-02 06:44:40 +0000 #3
's sooner or later must be running every day can be 20 minutes or more ( Running time refers to not break!) after the pressure stretching to do sit-ups
Deer Men2010-02-02 06:19:56 +0000 #4
jogging 30-50 minutes to local muscle contact: chest, light and heavy elected, birds each 20-30 times, rest 2 minutes, 4 sets

legs, light-weight squat, group number ibid,

belly Contact: sit-leg raise, ups, group a few ibid., can increase the transfer waist 5 minutes.

Notes: 1, four times a week exercises;

2, with the greatest strength of 50%,

3, for three months to revise the scheme

to add protein and fruit, eating less carbohydrates and fats Food



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