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Dynamic single-Ju Ji, president of the muscles do for a long time

♂ ♀ black and white color2010-02-08 06:01:39 +0000 #1
I have this person fat is mainly Tuicu to buy pants are not good to buy 180's height 184 weight (male) I recently went to a good riding fitness effects of nearly 2 months of moving a single from 184 to 167 thin (I ride every day) at home is not only drink milk and fruit for dinner, but I recently heard that the car will ride more thigh muscles that I was depressed Zhang had originally wanted to be the thigh by thigh there may Zhang I really Melancholy Man muscle tone dot and then drag and coaches work hard pull will stretch the muscles of terror to do? Mainly thin to allow me to buy and can wear like pants will become
liumengzaici2010-02-08 06:07:16 +0000 #2
ah this movement can not be read in isolation. You look at your diet and your exercise intensity.

In general, the dynamic cycling such a thing, for women, reducing leg is the most useful, why, because the people there, arrayed in sex, others simply do not secrete testosterone.

You are men, and sports to stimulate testosterone secretion, though you consume fat, but you a greater degree of exercise of the muscles, and you very Cuoa nutritional intake, I have to tell you the principle of muscle growth: after exercise, muscle Suanzhang , indicating muscle was torn, not panic, tearing after the intake of protein, the protein will be filled with tears space in 48-60 hours to form new muscle cells, therefore, have for a variety of muscle training program. Do you think you drink milk, milk protein content inside the ultra-high, and that is very easy to absorb, so congratulations to you, then so Lianxia Qu, your thighs are not thick bad if it tried.

I have tried a daily basis, the average speed of the bus ride 40 kilometers (and the dynamic cycling every 40 minutes, a considerable amount of exercise twice a day), a mere month, the leg muscles sharply angled features, but you know the most painful is? You do not stand up to sleep comfortably every day, because a variety of leg muscles do not want to be pressed at the bottom, it will be painful.

Run it, jog, just like the three step slower than marathon pace, each one hour, do not stop, is also a month, less meat diet, regular intake of carbohydrates, and healthy to lose weight 10-15 pounds and play like!

I used to be a healthy magazine editor -
Vivian Xuaner2010-02-08 06:28:39 +0000 #3
Science dynamic in terms of not riding a bicycle on the lose fat on the thighs of great help to allow more powerful leg muscles

to say how can there be so long easy ah

uncle assured by bar wish you every success
Siberia02232010-02-08 06:58:49 +0000 #4
not, the resistance of aerobic sports consumption of fat, those who say a long muscles are great anaerobic resistance movement, like the sprint the same, that will be a long muscle.



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