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Method of chest exercises for beginners at home,

taobaiyan2010-02-08 06:02:16 +0000 #1
I have three questions:

1, how to exercise chest muscle at home, how to use dumbbells, push-ups to the best of what kind of posture to 2, what time exercise the best results.

3, because I was a beginner, so please help me to develop a more suitable to my training intensity, and time are how to enhance training, and this is what I most wanted to ask.
qd8141372010-02-08 06:13:25 +0000 #2
1. at home and push-ups and dumbbell-elect of the Lying on the steep, oblique, and supine position on the birds, the former level after the move, and sit-stays-http: / / / micafish / blog / item/8df72eeeae5edcf3b2fb95f9.html

Here are brief and focus of action to pay attention to -

2 workout time - usually depends on your work and rest time - can best be controlled at 3 pm to 9 pm or so -- - 1 hour before meals, after meals and a half hours - to avoid the train - there is a sleep before a half-hour to avoid the train - so as to avoid over-excited the brain due to movement caused by the poor quality of sleep or insomnia -.

3 push-ups if you can, to a very slow pace to do 10 words (one up) Take a group of 8 to do 3-4 group - can do so much more slowly after the increase in the number of time to do - the middle of Rest 40 seconds to 60 seconds -

dumbbell weight --- can be a single standard action to do the maximum weight of two thirds or so - could be a slight increase - General 10-15 - a group of 4-5 group to do - I said the action would have to do - basically you can a -

in general has just begun when the exercise - the weight and volume of training can be two thirds the normal volume - the day before yesterday to make muscles adapt to exercise Strength - to avoid muscle strain `- causing unnecessary trouble -

in the sports end of things you can eat for digestion - such as fruit, fruit juice - at the dinner when the attention of many additional proteins like the -



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