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How do I increase?

Lx-Jun2010-02-08 07:02:12 +0000 #1
Now 17 years old and want to increase. How can increased decide?
jinpeng11022010-02-08 07:07:54 +0000 #2
friend, I suggest you calcium. For example the market Caltrate D and so on, a lot of calcium products, I hope you to choose according to their own. Diet, eat plenty of seafood, because the seafood which is rich in calcium and protein!

In addition, the movement is critical, run run it, a number of challenges for himself and not easy to finish, so no effect.

Finally, you go to trapeze, you know that Jordan fell to 198cm from 180cm do? Is 17 years old when the trapeze hanging, the feet at a fixed hook on the horizontal bar or barbell, into a handstand position, such as "bat", as every day, hanging, after a period of time, your legs and waist will lengthen can increase, it is useful, I have a cousin before the 165cm, is now 182cm, he is trained in is hard enough, and his running 1 hour a day, I think it is to pay it, pay there is always rewarding.

I wish you success!
Hunshi Ghost2010-02-08 07:47:09 +0000 #3



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