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Shoulder strain that

lei23256252010-02-08 09:01:26 +0000 #1
I exercise 2 months, on both sides of the shoulder muscles are strained, and the left than the right of the pull of the still more, why is the straight right arm will be sore,

reward points: 20 - There are 17 days away from the problems to an end 22 hours

I want to ask, why, the right point it will hurt, I feel the right arm over the left rough spots, but I have been with the practice of the two dumbbell, muscle pull, is cook at the gym before the oblique pull of the,

the question to add: I am a right arm pain, not too painful. Nothing left to do, in the gym practicing for nearly a month, would like to invite expert pointing, the other material to find those who would like to request under the expert said, be honest, I have this will not matter, I am now in the field, and no equipment, on a 20 pounds of dumbbells, Deputy, I am now using 20 pounds of the play, standing dumbbell hammer curl six groups, dumbbell-elected six groups, stand at attention boating six groups, each group is 12, and the remaining are practiced very little, and on these three kinds, and practiced very concerned about, please expert to answer a point, I can now do exercise, seek expert ah,! !

lankai10282010-02-08 09:17:39 +0000 #2
short break



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