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How to make their own to become stronger

popotangtao2010-02-08 09:01:54 +0000 #1
always being bullied, he is not terrible to consult about how to make itself stronger because of the how to do?

What a day should do the number of exercise to do a more detailed answer to my third year 165CM


trouble we have given such a plan should be how to do sit-ups a day, how much, etc. Thank you,
Jing Xuan Network2010-02-08 09:14:18 +0000 #2
do not know what you want to become stronger, is Nerishige muscular? Trained people, or an effort to prevent bullying?

If it is like a muscle trained, then it must have a detailed plan by muscle, and more trouble, after all, the body does so many muscles. To put it simply, it is recommended you do sit-ups, push-ups, weight-bearing squat and so on, simple, 2-3 times per day, each time the number of step by step to do 4-5 days a week. Muscle training must uphold for a long, although bitter, but not give up after 3 months can be seen clearly muscular body shape.

Would like to become strong and have a shortcut, is that you can practice some martial arts, so that you can effectively combat the bullying of others. Example practicing Taekwondo, Muay Thai, karate and so on, learn some useful tricks after a confrontation with others are often able to win Qiao. Why not recommend it to practice Chinese martial arts? Let the martial arts is because most of them need a strong basic skills, short-term crash unlikely.
God the more I Stream2010-02-08 09:14:24 +0000 #3

rolling a month know
172,416,8392010-02-08 09:50:19 +0000 #4
Do you have enough sturdy, and I had time to study every night to do 20 push-ups and stick to it, there results a



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