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To do push-ups

green722010-02-08 10:01:54 +0000 #1
I was 12 years old, 1 m 62, weight 120 pounds, but very difficult to do push-ups, and pull the wrist in the class Few students win me, and how they can do push-ups, I can not
ZHAOGONGZUOPPO2010-02-08 10:13:30 +0000 #2
push-ups exercise the chest and arm the major posterior muscles, which pull on the wrist is the forearm muscle, big arm front side is also involved in a number, so your forearm muscles should be better than the other students, while the back of the chest muscles and big arm relative to your weight, it is rather weak, so you can not afford to do push-ups.

While the other students than you have to confirm the forearm strength is insufficient, so the pull, but you, but they may have relatively little light weight, arm and chest muscles may be easier to support the body, so it can start with push-ups.

You are now only 12 years old, weight 120 pounds, it can be said can not be considered fat, but it can not be thin. But do not worry, the boys after the age of 14 is puberty, when the time of your height and weight, there will be a major change, I hope you will now take part in more sport more, for you are strong physique, an increase of height would have a positive impact.

If you want that they can be like everyone else to start push-ups, I suggest you first way to support the knee when kneeling down to start doing, and so on after the arm strength of growth in the transition to toe support. There is time to tighten the abdomen done, the body the same as the flat. Refueling bar!
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