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How to exercise chest muscle?

jimmychangood12010-02-08 11:01:03 +0000 #1
I am now 13 years old .. I am a bit thin, and would like to exercise and how these have strong arm muscles and abdominal exercises? There any exercise can increase sexual function? Could there be breast chest exercise that two one thing bigger? My breasts those two things do not change how big?
wxx11142010-02-08 11:13:27 +0000 #2
arm flexion and extension】 【parallel bars: pectoral brachii, triceps, deltoid (front-beam) as the main, and training latissimus dorsi, trapezius

general process as follows: both hands grip bars, respectively, his arms supporting the parallel bars on the top of the first positive chest shoulders, trunk, upper limb and parallel bars vertical, knees, legs folded, after the ankle joints in the feet . Slowly elbow flexion, and shoulder flexion, the body gradually dropped to the lowest position. Pause a moment, his arms propped up to restore the force. Action required:

1. Slower pace of decentralization, and minimized.

2. The body can not be free to sway, to maintain a balance.

3. Do not swing around the body to complete action

parallel bars arm flexion and extension is a movement, a different movement called for the main training chest and triceps exercises produce different effects.

1. Grip choices: Narrow Grip Triceps stimulation of the large, wide-grip on the chest to stimulate large.

2. Upper body angle (side view) of choice: focus on upper body training triceps should thrown back, the body was anti-bow,

so that after the completion of arm movements in the body; focus on practicing chest are advised to forward.

3. The angle between upper arm and trunk (dorsal view): focus on training triceps straight clamp, the lower levels do not things

Zhang, keep arms parallel; focus on training chest muscle, the lower levels may be outside the Chang.

【Chest, including】: on the chest muscle, chest inside the lateral chest

the first to use a smaller weight to do a group of 20 warm-up group, and then

【on the chest exercises】: Incline barbell bench press

I on the flat bench press has never been interested in since the flat bench press will be too much to stimulate the deltoid toe. Decumbens pushed the previous exercise can be good on the chest muscles. The angle of the ramp is set at 30 degrees, in order to better stimulate the chest. Greater than 30 degrees, it will cause too much weight before the beam on the role of the deltoid muscle. Best to pay to do three groups of 6

8 times, each group reaches must be exhausted. Decentralization of control of the barbell should pay attention to speed, slow and steady is better. But do not stay, that is, when held to the highest point on the decentralization of the bar immediately to keep the action flowing.

【Chest inside】: sitting Instruments folder chest

this exercise as participation in a multi-joint compound movements, which can effectively increase muscle mass, and with the barbell bench press there are many similarities. But this point of view the unique practice (in the movements of the last, his hands close to), can be better breast muscle contraction (with emphasis on training chest inside). Exercise equipment more secure than free weights and stability, do not control the weights balance. The launch weight, can feel the muscle contraction and the resulting pain. 6

8 times full action, I propose to do 1-3 group.

【Chest lateral】: Dumbbell birds

plate and on the ramp dumbbell birds, is to develop best practice the lateral chest. Lateral chest width and thickness is very important for the entire chest muscle. In order to obtain the best training effect, we should try to put your dumbbells, so that the muscles are fully stretched. At the highest point, not to dumbbells together, because the dumbbell at the highest point, not to provide an effective resistance to the chest. In order to get the best training effect and safety reasons, we recommend you use a slow manner birds dumbbell exercises. Make three groups, each using the maximum weight to do 6 to 8 times.

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female-yun 12010-02-08 11:43:21 +0000 #3
way too many different people have different methods.

In short, as long as there is a way to where you want to exercise more difficult words like the
Gun idiot2010-02-08 11:26:48 +0000 #4
push-ups really Guizaijianchi adhere to the best effect of daily rations for two months certainly has a really useful experience, step by step
more Ask to see more than 02010-02-08 11:33:08 +0000 #5
push-ups and pull-ups, as well as swimming can be, it is important to have perseverance, and exercise
9 Diamond 92010-02-08 12:11:06 +0000 #6



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