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How to make upper limb to become stronger, to improve upper body strength? ? ?

Linghu Yang Bo2010-02-08 13:01:43 +0000 #1
Even too thin, especially the upper limbs and strength, a number of similar height and I were even stronger than appears. . . Be Ouxiang become a strong, a strong man! ! ! . . .

I ask how exercise can improve upper body strength? How can we become strong yourself? Even as the relatively thin so naturally people can become a strong man? ? ?

In addition, the diet should pay attention to what? Should large meat and drinking bowl? Lamb, beef, milk, eggs, whether or not to eat more? ? ?
small Guo Tai2010-02-08 13:11:47 +0000 #2
I used to like you

I am practicing muscle to go home every day to do five pull-up

and then do push-ups once or else they will not do too much of what muscle strain

I once did 103 push-ups once the wrist for several days and could not move

there to buy a multi-rod arm strength training

Remember my words: Guizaijianchi! I wish you luck

eating not only meat and wine do not learn from Liangshan hero

eat fibrous vegetables as your muscles will swelling up and drink at least two boxes of milk a day

sigh of relief is not a fat man eating a slow to refuel!

Thank you to the sub-bar
the enemy does not move me or tamper with2010-02-08 13:10:52 +0000 #3
buy a dumbbell, and then like this:

sitting arm back of the neck-arm flexion and extension

A. Exercise key areas: the triceps. B. Start Location: sitting on stool, feet flat tread on the ground, holding his right hand bell, palm forward, straight at the top of the head. Left care on the left waist. C. Action process: the right upper arm close to the right ear, are not allowed to move. Bell Park, holding a semi-arc of falling to the top of the left shoulder holding a bell drop as low as possible. Then, right arm triceps contraction force, holding up raised to restore the bell. Repeat to do. The left and right hand alternately doing, to accomplish the same number of times. D. Training points: holders of Bell diagonal to the first fall after falling to the rear than the direct effect of better training. 10-15 months to do a group of 3-5 group -

sit back rest

A. Key training areas: the biceps, pectoralis major, deltoid and teres major muscle and so on. B. Start Location: body supine, hands slightly behind the stays in the stool, the feet on the lower bench on the other parts of the body floating. C. Action Process: breath, shoulders relaxed, arms slowly elbow flexion, the body sink as far as possible (in particular, Shen hip), pause 2-3 seconds, then inhale, stretch his arms propped forced to restore the body. Repeat to do. D. Training points: arm flexion and extension when the medium-speed stability, the body should be straight, elbows to arms inside the folder. Raise the height or weight-bearing foot can be difficult to improve training and increase load stimulus. A group of 20-30 - to do 3-5 Group -

A. dumbbell bench press exercises focus areas: the pectoralis major, deltoid and triceps. B. Start Position: Sit on flat bench press bench, feet flat tread on the ground. Two hands holding dumbbells straight upward. C. action process: to make two straight arm to the both sides of the open, his arms slowly flexion, dumbbell vertical drop, and fall to lowest point, that is promoting for cook, when pushed breath. Then push up until the opening position, repeat do. D. Training Points: Do not arch the back and buttocks, or hold your breath, it would be to lose muscle control, is dangerous. A group of 10-20 months to do 3-5 Group -

can be done Monday dumbbell bench press, sit-back rest, standing dumbbell hammer curl.

2 weeks to do seated arm neck flexion and extension arm, seated alternate dumbbell curl.

Weeks 3 weeks 4 break after doing sit-stays, standing dumbbell hammer curl. Seated alternate dumbbell curl.

5 weeks as far as possible have done - have done for each category. More the number of points - when the strengthening exercises -

6 weeks rest.

Sunday - Zhizuo push-ups, sit-ups like a ---. To alleviate muscle fatigue under -

eat in the not to eat fatty, lamb Eat more chicken.



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