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Demand Bunao cure

huangyuano2010-02-08 15:02:22 +0000 #1
Porcine really Bunao?
1Schumacher12010-02-08 15:04:04 +0000 #2
1 millet

millet, also known as corn, sexual sweet salty, cool. Chen corn of bitter cold. Li's in the "Compendium of Materia Medica," Lane said, millet, "porridge eating pubic benefit, complement wasting, open stomach." Its function is to "invigorate the spleen and stomach, sleep."

According to modern medicine: the degree sleepiness after meals and food proteins are often related to the content of tryptophan. L-tryptophan can promote a kind of brain cells secrete serotonin makes Yu Shui - 5 - hydroxytryptamine, it can be temporarily suppress the brain activity of thinking, people feel sleepy arises. Large nerve cells secrete a substance the more the more people find it difficult. The tryptophan content of millet grains in all champion, hectogram food division, including the amount of up to 202 milligrams of tryptophan, other cereals can not compare. In addition, the millet is rich in digestible starch, produced after eating the food and clothing can make a person a sense of the body can promote the secretion of insulin to further improve the number of brain tryptophan.

2 Milk

Milk, also known as milk, sexual sweet, flat. Milk is a treatment for insomnia better food. Milk contains engender feeling sleepy biochemicals tryptophan, can play makes the effect of sleep, combined with milk, food and clothing produced by the nutritional sense, but also can increase the hypnotic effect of skim milk and skim milk is not the same role.

Modern medical studies have proven that during the day when people exercise the muscles to stimulate the nerve endings release of calcium, while the blood is carrying forward into the sleep center, sleep center when stored a certain amount of calcium, people will feel trapped intended to pull up a disturbance. This means that there must be sufficient in blood lactic acid, calcium can only stimulate blood flow to sleep as the hub of skim milk contains calcium and lactic acid, especially the elderly, the body is difficult to obtain the same time, these two active ingredients, therefore, skim milk, while taking taking calcium, can enhance its efficacy. Studies have shown: the role of sleeping pills in general is gradually weakened, while the hypnotic effects of milk is gradually strengthened, especially after midnight sleep sweeter more fragrant, more desirable for treatment of senile insomnia.


Lily Lily has lungs cough, soothe the nerves of the efficacy of pure heart. Multi-used to treat tuberculosis clinical chronic cough, sputum cough spit blood, fever, after the heat outstanding, virtual trouble Jingji, conscious trance, athlete's foot swelling. "Japan Hanako Materia Medica," which claims that "peace of mind, will be guts, Masushi ... ..." After clinical observation, lily of the neurosis, menopausal syndrome, the heart palpitations, insomnia, dreaminess has good curative effect.


Ganoderma lucidum Ganoderma lucidum, sexual sweet, slightly bitter, tepid. There Qi, Yang Xin soothe the nerves, relieving cough and asthma of the effects. Heart Qi or blood for the lack of insomnia, heart palpitations, forgetfulness embolism. Ganoderma lucidum is sweet, calm of the goods, can Yixin gas, Ning mind, increase wisdom, and therefore rule the various cards, and can be widely used in all the patients Consumption From the frail. "Compendium of Materia Medica," which claims, "therapy Consumption From." "Chinese medicine plant field guide," said the Ganoderma "treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, indigestion and other chronic diseases." "Food will be traditional Chinese medicine and the party" in the description: those with neurasthenia Ganoderma 6

10 grams Shuijianbi, or syrup made from Ganoderma lucidum working day, each taking 20 milliliters.

Modern research data confirmed: Ganoderma lucidum can enhance the central nervous system function, improve coronary blood circulation, increase nutrition and myocardial blood flow, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption and the consumption of sugar, strengthen the heart and the body's tolerance to hypoxia; Ganoderma lucidum can be lowering blood pressure, regulate blood pressure, liver protection, there is cough expectorant effect. Has good therapeutic value of Ganoderma lucidum. As the fungus has a good tranquilizer Sadashi effect, so long-term insomnia, neurasthenia caused by looking chlorosis, palpitations restlessness, mental fatigue, gaunt appearance has obvious clinical effect.

5 pig heart

pig hearts, sex sweet, salty, flat. A tranquilizer will panic and raise the effectiveness of heart blood. Pig heart as nutritional and medicinal dishes, have a long history. People known as the "Heart to Heart completed", which is also justified. Pig heart, its protein content is two times more pork, while the fat content of only one-tenth of the pork. In addition, it contains more calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin, nicotinic acid and other ingredients. Can be used to strengthen the heart nutrition, increase cardiac contractility. Can cure Jingji, palpitation, spontaneous perspiration, insomnia embolism.

6 Suanzaoren

Suanzaoren, sexual sweet, flat. There Liver, Ning heart, soothe the nerves, gather Khan efficacy. Governance Virtual trouble not sleep, Jingji palpitation, polydipsia, sweating.

Pharmacological studies confirmed that Suanzaoren decoction is taken orally or by intraperitoneal injection to rats both the performance of sedation and drowsiness, regardless of day or by night, normal state or the excited state caused by coffee, Suanzaoren with a sedative and hypnotic effects. The clinical application of proven health use, has a hypnotic effect with speculation.


Poria Poria, sexual sweet, light, flat. Favorable water Shenshi, spleen, soothe the nerves of the effect. "Materia Medica Spreads out Righteousness", said: "Poria, Fu Shen, rows of water power and more beneficial Heart and non-Que of it." "Compendium of Materia Medica" also stresses: "the rule of man with heart disease will Fushen, so clean old Zhang Yu Feng dizzy guilty conscience and can not be among the non-Fu Shen, Poria Ran Wei Chang died heart disease also."


lettuce juice lettuce juice, sexual taste the same lettuce, bitter, sweet, cool. "Herbal Supplements" claim that "profit five internal organs, Tung meridians, open Xiong Ge." According to relevant data, lettuce stems, leaves, skin milky white slurry with a calm and soothe the nerves of the efficacy, can help children, the middle-aged sleep. Before going to sleep, food and clothing evident result.

9 wheat

wheat has raised mind, Yi-Xin qi role, especially suitable for women, neurasthenia, consciousness rocked, insomnia, sadness, or Xi Yu Ku, a few less stretch (ie, dirty, hot-tempered woman called Traditional Chinese Medicine disease) are edible. Gu Fang Ganmai Dazao Decoction, 60 grams of wheat, date 15, 10 grams of licorice, water three bowls, Jianzhi a bowl before bed time served.


glutinous rice, glutinous rice supplement qi and blood, warm the spleen and stomach, suitable for all physically weak person who consumed neurasthenia, especially boiled rice porridge, or gruel jujube Tongzhu the best tonic to moisture, temperature raising five internal organs, Qi soothe the nerves.
Wild Mew Mew2010-02-08 15:43:16 +0000 #3
TCM practitioners in health care, the great emphasis on Bunao puzzle, the human body as a whole growth and development, learning and other aspects of work and the older anti-, are very important. Huakang describes Bunao Hospital Chinese medicine experts should first focus on the brain on a diet nursed back to health, the following beneficial to the brain focuses on mental health and the promotion of the 10 taste of food.


Walnut is a traditional tonic and gifts in that brain puzzle, kidney strong waist, anti-aging effect, it is a "puzzle fruit", "longevity fruit," said. Walnut high nutritional value, can delay senescence, to prevent the impaired memory, and can enhance the vitality of cells. Walnut can be nutritious brain cells, enhancing brain function, is the best food for the brain benefits of protecting the brain could promote the intellectual development of young people. Walnut also has a sedative effect. Can be used for physical weakness, neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia and more dreams, lumbar acid, fatigue, asthma and other diseases while moving. There are many ways of walnut consumption: You can chew regular writers, pastry fillings, cooking dishes point, snacks or processed into food products, are entirely optional. Walnut greasy Hua Chang, diarrhea are advised not to eat, its warm in nature, there are those who caution Tanhuo and Yin.


scientists are from the "ancient lotus seed germination," the miracle confirmed the lotus has tenacity. Lotus seeds and rich nutrition, health, high-value, with strong anti-aging, benefits the brain by intellectual and so on. Lotus seeds suitable for physical weakness, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia and dreaminess, loss of appetite, physical weakness, bowel symptoms such as runny thin. There are raised Anshen lotus effect, can be used to get hung up, Auntie excessive virtual trouble do not sleep, palpitations, a variety of arrhythmias. Can also be used for physical weakness due to lumbar acid Shenpi night, frequent urination and more than nocturnal emission frequency women leucorrhea too much and menorrhagia, as well as premature aging caused by lack of energy, forgetfulness, dizziness, as early as white beard and hair, skin, premature wrinkles, see. Lotus eat, most burning lotus soup, boiled lotus porridge, meat, cakes, or made to do lotus dishes. Lotus seed complement the meat of Shibuya, for abdominal distension, constipation should be used with caution.

Longan longan Longan, also known, is a specialty of the good fruit in South China. Longan meat, sweet and tasty, nutritional value of fruit in general is far above the well-known since ancient times as a nourishing treasures are extremely popular. Longan meat contains a lot of nutrients, can nutrition, nerve and brain cells, thus adjusting the cerebral cortex function and enhance memory. Longan ancient times known as "Quiz Show", can develop in children intelligence, improve brain function in adults, slow brain aging, dementia prevention and treatment. For neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, excessive thorough consideration and youth mental deterioration. Longan meat is also calming for physical weakness due to heart palpitations restlessness, arrhythmia. Longan meat can be used to porridge, stewed Chicken, burning eggs can also be made of fill paste, dip Bujiu taking. Longan meat sticky, bad stomach should not eat.

Mulberry mulberry sweet and juicy, containing carbohydrates, protein, linoleic acid, a variety of vitamins and minerals, have a higher nutritional value and health-care role, experiments show that there is enhanced immune function. Mulberry has a tonic nourishing the blood, the role of Zishen puzzle is suitable for kidney blood loss of lumbar acid, weakness, nervous weakness, dizziness, insomnia and more dreams, memory loss, deafness, emission, etc. disease. Mulberry can also be used for anemia, kidney premature aging, beard and hair as early as white, habitual constipation, spontaneous perspiration sweating neck lymphatic system, chronic hepatitis. Mulberry mostly used as fresh fruit, wine, or the system can jam and so on, mostly medicinal use of dried fruits, but also made into ointments taking. Mulberry of cold, fresh not eat too much, especially children; mulberry fruit is rich in tannins, boiling utensils, Jiyong iron.


sesame yellow, white, black and different, the effectiveness of the same, but better traditionally black sesame seeds. Sesame seeds contain special substances sesamin, heat is generated sesame phenol antioxidant substances; sesame a "treasure-house of vitamin E known as" Habitat Valley, fruits and vegetables, the highest categories of food, can improve blood circulation, enhance cell viability, delayed cell senescence that people full of energy, endurance and lasting. "Compendium of Materia Medica" Words sesame "service to the hundred days, can except all the ills; surface luster does not hunger for one year, two years back black hair, three teeth off the rehabilitation." Fan Shu kidney blood loss of dizziness vertigo, to refund the early White, physical mental deterioration, tinnitus hair loss, anemia, heart palpitations, neurasthenia, memory impaired, regular consumption of sesame seeds be improved. Sesame fragrant but not too sweet, making a variety of food is very delicious. Sesame can relax bowel, so thin stools are advised not to eat pond.


lily with the characteristics of both food and medicine, health and nutritional value, is both expensive medicine, but also the traditional export of rare vegetables. Lily has a nourishing mind, Bunao puzzle effect, can improve upset, insomnia, multiple dreams, trance-like consciousness and other symptoms. Now used for modulating the nervous system, mental illness, but also to improve physically weak after the illness. Commonly used in physical weakness, neurasthenia, hysteria, depression, menopausal syndrome, the performance of heart palpitations, insomnia, Jian Wangzhe, can also be used after illness bored anxiety, insomnia and more dreams are. Lily and kiwi fruit, asparagus as "three anti-cancer fruits and vegetables", commonly used in various types of cancer-assisted diet and cancer surgery, chemo-radiotherapy after nursed back to health. There are many ways Lily eat: for dim sum, burning frying, boiling soup or stew simmered. Wider variety of lily, medicinal and food use its own unique features dishes do not taste the same.

Black fungus black fungus flesh delicate, smooth crisp refreshing, delicious taste, high nutritional value, also known as "Plain of the dirty" is beneficial to the human body's natural tonic for people's favorite mushroom . Fungus high-value health care, with enhanced immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, lipid-lowering diet, clean the digestive tract and the respiratory tract, RONGSHI row of stone, such as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory role of Liver . For the liver and kidney virtual losses, expressed as physically weak Yinxue less fatigue, head and blinding halo, poor night sleep soundly, palpitations forgetfulness, lumbar acid-foot atrophy, anemia, visual unknown, menopausal syndrome, the disease can often edible black fungus. Black fungus can be used for snacks, but also can be made into dishes, soup porridge, cream drinks and so on. Cool black fungus of Hua Chang, the diarrhea should Spleen deprivation.


Mushrooms is the world's demand for a larger Food and Medicine Fungi, since ancient times known as the "vegetable of the crown", is also well-known aroma seasoning. Mushrooms taste delicious, not only nutrient-rich, young and old-Safe, as well as an important medicinal value, historical records mushrooms can be "strong, Yuet gods." Modern research has calcium Zhuanggu mushrooms, blood fat, lowering blood pressure, cancer, enhance immunity, protecting liver, stomach, regulate metabolism and so on. Mushrooms are rich in lysine, glutamic acid constituents such as the role of a brain, often edible mushrooms can enhance brain function, helps intellectual development. Mushrooms can be used for the frail premature aging, anemia, neurasthenia, insomnia, and supporting various types of cancer therapeutic. Mushroom is also commonly used to produce therapeutic diets, Bunaoanshen, for the improvement of weak Qi of insomnia, forgetfulness, and physically weak summer quarter, fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Edible mushroom There are many ways, often very rich recipes.

Fish maw Fish maw, also known as isinglass, the "Ocean's participation" in name, has a strong role for senior tonic. Colloid-rich, silky texture waxy Run, taste thick the United States, civil society has served as a specialty of the finest raw materials. Swim bladder often nourishing of products for the winter season, there is kidney fill in essence, Liver and lungs and other effects, can improve thinking ability, promote growth and development, to maintain the normal gland secretion, enhancing immune function. Kidney essence inadequate for the performance of lumbar acid, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, premature aging impotence, neurasthenia, poor night sleep soundly, memory loss, brain concussion after-effects, post-partum weakness Queru, women leucorrhea too, aplastic anemia and a variety of bleeding disorders and so on. Commercially available dry food should swim bladder inflation hair, and then made into a variety of food dishes. Fish maw nature of the adhesive, nourishing and strong, multi-digestible food is not on the Spleen torpid intake, should be used with caution in patients with sputum.


Honey extremely rich in nutrients, anti-aging tonic, with high health care value, for a very wide range of diseases, the most well-known tradition of affordable supplements, is a delicious Chinese medicine in one of the therapeutic Jiapin. Honey can quickly add the sugar billion brain cells, the mental is the ideal tonic. Honey contains simple sugars easy to absorb and release energy quickly, so that the body quickly reduce fatigue. The human body fatigue, blood easy to acidic, people are sick, honey is a strong alkaline food,Able and in vivo acid composition, and thus quickly reduce fatigue. Honey sedative, neurasthenia patients before the oral administration of a tablespoon of sleep per night (add cold water inside) can promote sleep, but also fill hearts repose. Honey has puzzle effect, benefit children's growth and development, improve IQ. Fufa a lot of honey, preferably transferred to milk or milk to drink.



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