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HU teachers and ask about a number of professional fitness people

zbtiancai892010-02-08 18:01:22 +0000 #1
I have done push-ups every night before bed, and supine leg raise, done a bit hungry after the stomach did not know whether or not to eat something (Papan)? There is what I do push-ups when his arms folder to live close to the body to do, do not know if this effect is good posture what makes standards? There is a time to do push-ups and sit-leg raise how much quantity? Would like to practice push-ups chest Zhizuo possible? What changes in push-up action?
ruyi9149142010-02-08 18:12:32 +0000 #2
you can have something to eat ah, eat a good digestion.

Push-up position: arms separated from slightly wide-par; toes branch, the power control of the trunk with the waist into a straight line; and then elbows to the sides separated, slow down the body to the upper body close to the ground; a slight pause, and then control the reduction, when the elbow close to straight, one immediately for the next action. With the growing strength, you can raise your feet up on the stairs difficult.

The number of no specific provision to the maximum limit you can afford can be subject to, and a little bit of increase in the number, that is, each time more.

Training chest muscle, then do push-ups in fact have little effect, to use to do bench press Incline barbell and the barbell effect is the best.

Push-ups can also be with one hand and cross your hands ah, or the feet on the wall, the body can also ensure that the 45 degrees!



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