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Fitness: Creatine edible method:

silaschou2010-02-08 20:02:12 +0000 #1
the first time people want to use creatine is a shock period right?

The first week with 20 grams per day divided into four. 5 grams per day thereafter. This I know.

Would like to ask is that they can every day good? Or, how long after going to stop some days do not, and stopped for how long?

Please do not paste the professional answer
394,948,7672010-02-08 20:05:18 +0000 #2
15-25 grams per day shock period, sub-4 ,5-7 days, the time before and after exercise to ensure all time, if the day of a practice and the remaining two times the average the allocation of what is like; 3-5 grams per day maintenance period, a time, for those who have increased muscle, usually immediately after exercise, for the power levels of relatively poor people, pre-exercise supplement for increasing the strength of practicing Comparison of the strength of the level of help, you can also eat before exercise.

Also has research proposals: For the relatively large weight, those who consumed creatine creatine according to body weight, the impact period of 0.3 grams / d / kg, the maintenance period of 0.03 grams / d / kg. This method is not very common.



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