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Seeking a perfect fitness program

kkbob2010-02-08 21:02:04 +0000 #1
I am 20 years old 168cm 46 Gongjin.

Too thin, and is also the skeleton is relatively small, absorption may not be very good, how not to eat fat.

What is important now to the shoulder width point. There are physical thickening point. Small Zhuang up

seeking a reasonable training methods better to say what is more effective under what side effects did not drink. Only a pair of dumbbells should be 15 pounds (do not laughed at A)
yang20368762010-02-08 21:07:07 +0000 #2
energetically to walk 10 kilometers a day runaway.
magictuo2010-02-08 21:33:52 +0000 #3
This quite simple

咱needless to say what the plans are not athletes, professional programs do not need to exercise depends on your love

such as hiking, swimming, Zhe Liang is very good

you practice that dumbbells can also be

but only upper limb movements, climbing and swimming are the total-body workout

sooner or later, to practice a practice push-ups, let me-ups, we usually play with the ball on the line

OK if you feel you can go to the gym quite ruthless, where the physical exertion and go big


does not require any plan, there are plans can not be completed do

You do not have classes in one diet and sleep, Zhe Liang is to protect

wish you could grow strong enough to

Hei hei
Sun Wolf灬2010-02-08 21:17:04 +0000 #4
buddy - your physique is somewhat unsatisfactory , but I also believe that your determination and strong will!

Would like to begin your diet and your intestinal begin regulation, must eat breakfast every day, it is necessary, then every meal into a multi-system ,5-6 meals. Drink milk, eat eggs. Able to do so, before meals to eat spirulina, you can regulate your bowel. There are daily drink honey water, is also beneficial to the gut.

I suggest you go to the gym, very effective!

For you to pre-fitness program. A very tough, I hope you can insist!

A warm-up exercise about 10 minutes, can make the body a slight sweat on it.

Random choice: treadmill, elliptical machine, step device, bicycle, etc.


Monday's power movement, target muscles: chest, Action: flat barbell bench press 4 sets x8 months, on the inclined dumbbell bench press 4 sets x10 months , flat dumbbell birds: 4 groups x12 months, butterfly clip Chest: 4 sets x10 months, appliances birds: 4 groups x8 months

Tuesday, target muscles: back, Action: Group 5 x10 a high drop-down, bent barbell rowing Group 5 x10 months, single-arm dumbbell row: 4 groups x10 months, arm, under pressure: 3 Group x10 months, goats come forward: 3 Group x20 months

Wednesday, target muscles: shoulders, Action: barbell anterior nominated four groups x8 one, single-arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 groups x8 months, looking at birds: 4 groups x8 months, single-arm dumbbell Maehira cite: 3 groups x8 months, after the ramp leaning over dumbbell Jan: 5 groups x12 month

weeks 4, target muscle: two brachial brachial three actions: Alternating dumbbell curl 4 sets x8 months, focusing curl Group 4 x8 months, ramps curl Group 3 x10 a narrow away from the bench press 4 sets x8 months, the backhand back of the neck Arm flexion and extension 4 groups x8 months, chest-arm pull-down Group 3 x10 months

Friday, target muscles: legs, Action: Free Squat 4 sets x10 months, 45-degree inverted tread x10 months 3 groups, device shares two curl Group 5 x8 months, Leapfrog Group 2 x35 months, unilateral mention bell toes Group 4 x100 months x2, seated leg flexion and extension group 2 x12 months

Saturday (single), target muscles: chest waist, action: parallel bars Arm flexion and extension 3 groups x exhaustive (can be done all), push-ups 3 groups x exhausted, inclined dumbbell birds on the Group 3 x10 months, the volume of abdominal group 2 x exhausted, switch to waist Group 2 x40 months, the volume flanks two groups x exhausted, the clean body of flexor Group 3 x12 months

Saturday (double), Target muscles: back waist, action: pull-up 3 groups x exhaustive (can be done all), high drop-down Group 2 x12 months, the level of seated rowing equipment Group 3 x10 months, the volume of abdominal group 2 x exhausted, switch to a lumbar Group 2 x40, Volume flanks two groups x exhausted, the clean body of flexor Group 3 x12 months

Sunday, rest or jogging jogging for 20 minutes, run 5 minutes, jogging for 15 minutes, run 5 minutes, jogging for 15 minutes

can be an appropriate reduction, but only in accordance with such a goal!

Brother! Fuel - I hope you have a physical fitness as soon as possible! ! !
Long Small 30122010-02-08 21:46:17 +0000 #5
you say should be more muscular body wanted it,

you can go to a professional gym

or else you will hurt yourself home

in the body, where he will control the growth of your muscles

Also lets you speed in healthy circumstances

this amount of money still have to spend
wonderkismet2010-02-08 21:48:52 +0000 #6
364,626,5412010-02-08 21:36:21 +0000 #7
I suggest you first go to the hospital to check to see if there is no physical problem. And then set up a fitness program for their pull on the OK.



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