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large flowers blossoming2010-02-08 21:02:11 +0000 #1
female, age 27 years old, weight 40kg, and the physical weakness. Fitness goals: physical fitness.

Plan to go 2-3 times a week gym. Please help me make the professional fitness program:
, including processes, equipment, or gymnastics, time, pay attention to the matter.

Thank you
zhonghu_bj2010-02-08 21:17:50 +0000 #2
should belong to the "bean-shaped teeth" in the morning not to run, it is better to rest for a good.


1, dinner (Bacheng saturation can be) a little early to eat, such as the two pieces of bread, honey, etc. digest food. Go to the gym for half an hour after a meal. Out first 10 minutes treadmill, speed 4-5 km / hour.

2, we'll do a number of instruments, not too much emphasis on each instrument, four groups, each 10-12 times (well exhausted its own case, the weight of the most appropriate.) Take about half an hour.

3, in which case, you can do some course of action (from the dinner for more than one hour), the current gym are all in areas such as dance, even more so once you have a good time can be a)

4, Lian Wan after to eat a banana (Supplementary sweating after the loss of potassium, while complementing the energy), or yogurt, of course, if the sweat out, then eat some good films like keeping the multi-vitamin tablets and better.

5, go home, eat some digestible, nutritious foods such as eggs, milk, wholemeal bread or rice, not too much will affect sleep.

Aerobic exercise twice a week can be, such as running, speed of 7 km / hour, 30 minutes, should consume more valuable your own fat and muscle of.
Cocoon Kit2010-02-08 21:07:14 +0000 #3
6:00 more to run to run, do not often go to the gym, it does not flow inside the room, to carry out more aerobic exercise. Afternoon around 5:00 to go playing the badminton or something, this time you own arrangements for a long time will naturally be effective. Your own physical weakness, go to the gym every day would be more harmful to your body.



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