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Seek professional coach gave me a gym Fitness Program

orangesunyi2010-02-08 21:02:18 +0000 #1
Male, 25 years old, 180CM, 83KG, has not done the professional fitness training, has just organized a fitness-year card, would like to set an effective fitness program,

does not require specific targeted piece of muscles, mainly normal work, too little exercise, body side a little fat.

The purpose is to enhance the overall quality of the body to maintain shape.
frankzane12010-02-08 21:06:06 +0000 #2
Hello: Your standard weight should be controlled at around 75KG (body fat to 20% or less)! I suggest you pre-training, as far as possible when you do aerobic main elliptical machine, if the club did not elliptical machine, treadmill brisk walking on to the main. Diet recommends you eat slow speed, Eat small meals often, salt and low sugar, high-protein low-fat, eat more vegetables, fruits appropriate to increase the "coarse grain" intake.

Gym Fat Reduction shaping scheme reference: practical implementation should be flexible according to their response to

1: aerobic training program (reference): elliptical machine or treadmill brisk walking

4-5 times a week. Every 50 minutes about. from 4-6 km. heart rate controlled at 220 - age

x60-70% (that is does not affect the normal running when the strength to speak)

2: Strength Training Program (Reference)

1. 10 treadmill brisk walking warm-up minutes. 2. stretch target muscles

3. 90-120 seconds rest between the two movements. 4. 60-90 seconds rest between the two groups

the first day of leg training day

Smith squat :15-20RM (the number of ) x3 group (60-90 seconds rest between the two groups)

sitting legs give 15-20RM

leg flexion and 15-20RM

Leg give 15-20RM

next day

Horizontal chest barbell shoulder training, elected 15-20RM (frequency) x3 Group

Incline dumbbell-elected 15-20RM

on the ramp dumbbell birds 15-20RM

seated dumbbell-elected 15-20RM

standing position Dumbbell Lateral Raise 15-20RM

on the third day back training days

Boo-li Barbell Row 15-20RM (number) x3 Group

anterior pull-down 15-20RM

sitting equipment dumbbell row, after 15-20RM

Asuka 15-20RM

fourth day of the arm, the Ministry of Training Day

seated alternate dumbbell curl 15-20RM (number) x3 Group

EZ bar barbell curl 15-20RM

chest-Curl 15-20RM

seated dumbbell neck flexion and extension boom under the 15-20RM

rope pressure 15-20RM

the fifth day of the abdomen Training Day

sit-ups 15-20RM (times) x3

supine leg raise 15-20RM

twist sit-ups 12-15RM

2 from 12-15RM

(can also be used for all parts of a training practice again, each Select an action part of action to do 20 of each cycle of training !!!)



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