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Systemic causes of muscle pain

annyzhh2010-02-08 22:01:47 +0000 #1
muscle pain
09maggie2010-02-08 22:07:04 +0000 #2
Because muscles produce lactic acid anaerobic respiration
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-02-08 22:32:35 +0000 #3
is not recently made a strenuous exercise ah? Then, the next day up and found that whole body ache ah?

This is the delayed onset muscle soreness, normal! Is due to sudden movement of excessive muscle, some muscle tissue damage, while a number of metabolite accumulation in the body, but also make you feel sore.

A little jogging jogging, physical activity, open, help to reduce muscle adhesion and accelerate the consumption of metabolites and help the body recovery.

In the future adhere to exercise it, this phenomenon will be much improved.
Rourou baby2010-02-08 22:53:22 +0000 #4
Exercise-induced muscle soreness causes and prevention of

1) the reasons for

in an activity after a larger or longer intervals did not exercise, just start exercising, the muscle pain usually occur. This is not muscle soreness occurs immediately after the end of the campaign, but the campaign took place after the end of 1-2 days, so called the delayed pain.

Delayed onset muscle soreness after exercise because the large amount of muscle activity during exercise result in local muscle fiber and connective tissue of the minor injury, and some muscle fibers due to spasm. Because of this minor injury and spastic muscle fibers is a partial, and therefore the muscles on the block is concerned, despite the completion of motor function, but there is a sense of pain. Pain, after a slight injury in part by muscle repair, muscle tissue becomes stronger than before, after the same load will not happen again injury (soreness).

(2) processing

1. Sore muscles on the local hot pack, promote blood circulation and metabolic processes to help repair damaged tissue and relieve spasm;

2. Of pain localized to static stretch exercises, to keep stretching state 2 minutes, then rest 1 minute, repeated, several times a day to do stretching exercises that will help ease the spasm;

3. Local massage on the sore, the muscles relax, the promotion of muscle blood circulation, help alleviate the damage and repair, and cramps;

4. Oral administration of vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen connective tissue in the role of help to accelerate the repair of damaged tissue and relieve pain.

5. The use of glutamine, you can quickly relieve exercise-induced fatigue, sore lifting movement.

(3) Prevention

1. Depending on physical fitness, health science and to arrange a different exercise load

2. Exercise, try to avoid prolonged exercise focused on a particular part of the body in order to avoid an excessive burden on local muscle;

3. Warming-up, the attention to the upcoming re-load when a partial exercise the muscles moving more fully;

4. In addition to a general relaxation exercise finishing practice, it should also attach importance to stretch the muscles stretching exercises, which helps to prevent spasm of local muscle fiber.



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