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When you walk in the plaza, one could always see the train's shadow, some say good morning satin ref

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adhere to get up early and exercise is good, but they must strictly differentiate between season, climate, cold winter morning often too heavy and the air shadows, foul, and not as people has always maintained that most of the early morning fresh air.

In fact, is not it in the morning workout, depending on the purpose of exercise.

If it is to lose weight, in order to increase the memory of motor skills in the morning was very good. When people wake up in the morning, had to eat last night, or less energy consumption, and this time do not eat to exercise, can lead to a result - "burn" fat. Because energy is not the morning, and there are still a part of the liver glycogen, when these glycogen concentration decreased to a certain extent when the fat "burning" will become the dominant mode of energy supply, at which point to make weight loss possible. So the morning of exercise on weight loss, prevention and treatment of fatty liver with special benefits. In addition, people in the morning when the school aerobics, learn ballroom dancing, learning tai chi ... ... any kind of learning skills, than at other time to learn more easy to grasp. Therefore, the morning exercise to obtain the health benefits, in a sense little more.

The ancients stressed that "the rooster", fitness usually selected in the morning. As for the morning of carbon dioxide in the air and more pollution is serious, not the main reason. In fact, during the day such as automobile exhaust pollution is also very serious, but also emit lead, heavy metals and some chemical wastes, such as benzene. The morning high blood pressure can be adjusted by drugs. So, what better time to exercise is not absolute. Should also vary. Whether it is morning exercise, or the afternoon workout, exercise should be moderate.

Each time the movement should be more than 30 minutes. If the campaign time in 20 minutes or less, the intensity is not too great, I am afraid that is up a little consumption of the blood circulation of blood glucose among the bar would not achieve weight loss or consumption of excessive accumulation of body fat role.

Should be noted that the special bread to eat immediately after exercise was not good enough, because after a meal, your blood is concentrated in the stomach to digest food.

In the human body hormones at different reaction time on the campaign by the clock, or circadian rhythm control.

【Elderly exercise, preferably in the evening. Chinese are very particular about winter health, "Huang Di Nei Jing" on the record: lay evening to early winter in March, will be daylight, this winter's gas should be, the raising of Tibet's Road also.

Winter morning chill and Zhuoqi for quite premature to go out the activities, it is easy to stimulate the body has been destroyed by the yang. Yang are Chinese medicine, the source of the body's health. If the damage will affect human immune system, it is likely to cause various diseases. Inhalation may cause excessive cold, such as bronchitis, influenza, cough and other diseases. In addition, because a larger temperature difference between indoor and outdoor early in the morning, go out there too early may lead to cardiovascular temperature of mutation, resulting in cardiovascular endothelial contraction, increased blood pressure, cardiac overload situation, which itself is determined to for the past history of cerebrovascular disease is particularly dangerous for the elderly. Exercise for the elderly should try to avoid this time instead of evening the shade, or one hour after dinner. 】

In deciding what time to exercise before, you had better first ask themselves two questions.

First, you work and rest time for that? You are not in the afternoon or evening when they are busy? The morning exercise is more suited to you? Or, do you need to adjust the morning, afternoon or evening exercise?

Second, you feel the state when the best? Have difficulty in the morning you get up? You are not the kind of dilatory in doing things people? That way, exercise will be sure that you are routed to the last one had.

Maybe you might think that is more active in the morning, you are willing to state the best exercise in the morning, but you have to wonder whether you have a full day of things to do, still need you more abundant energy to deal with the affairs of the day. But, ironically, the early morning training exercise over the afternoon there is a major advantage: It's easy persevered. Because then there will be no training schedule conflict, people will not be affected by other things, the impact of distraction. The ability to persevere is to exercise a very important factor.

However, no matter what time you choose, we must follow the following suggestions to make your workout more efficient and more fun.

Morning Exercise:

1, put the evening wear clothes put away the next day. When the alarm clock ring, you can directly jump, rather than to find clothes and shoes everywhere.

2, set 2 alarm clocks, one on the bed, one on the room, this can prevent you from lazy.

3, to find a with. Usually associated with exercise is a very interesting, then why not this be added to your exercise program as well? When you want to lazy or to give up, your companion will remind you that make you stick to it.

Afternoon or evening exercise:

1, determine the training time and stick to it. Do not let other things distract and give up exercise. Do the time scheduled for Sunday evening. If you have any small adjustments, you can, but it must not affect you achieving that goal.

2, if you exercise outdoors, we should pay attention to safety. The summer to prevent heat stroke and dehydration. To drink plenty of water.



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