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Fitness Program not completed on the tired and how to do?

Sahuan children's playing2010-02-09 00:02:09 +0000 #1
I practiced the back muscles or the chest, the can be practiced quite place, but to practice two or brachial brachial 3:00, they feel powerless, and each group can not be completed reservation number, how should I do? If you reduce the number of back or chest of the group, they fall short effects. Please master pointing.
ldd28854552010-02-09 00:15:08 +0000 #2
if so is best suited to reduce the weight of each group, not to reduce the number of groups, such as muscular endurance and strength in the weight up with the OK, and there is a chest and Do not back a day to practice because as long as the two big muscle bear body is sufficient. chest after three behind the two belong to the three and two pairs of enhanced training, because of his previous chest and back exercises are used to three head and two it is proposed that 3 and 2 to reduce the weight of link bar, the following day specifically for 3 and 2 can be added when the weight training!
875,506,7812010-02-09 00:15:36 +0000 #3



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