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How to lose weight at the gym - acute Thank you

test a small group2010-02-09 00:02:25 +0000 #1
Information: Male. 18-year-old. Tall and weighs 83 kg, but 176 and would like to lose weight, just do Chang fitness-year card is not Tao, but went to how exercise is blind, personal trainers, expensive , asked a few people have several answers, some would say a lot to do aerobics, and some said that a small running of weight on the knees due to bad, I have kept a! hope we make more valuable advice! Best to have detailed plans and training methods (do not do every day what should be done. To do the number of times, etc.) would like to cut in four to five months, under 20 pounds within the -30 kg as possible (I normally do not really understand them) to many of them do not quite understand just fitness, I have a tenacity Hehe. Please help Thank you very much - needed
jinbuqu2002010-02-09 00:18:52 +0000 #2
Although I do not really understand my situation and you almost feel that if I want to lose weight rather than the plastic body can be reduced according to the location you want to do some moderate exercise , jogging push-ups sit-ups I like to play badminton.
Fat Xinxin2010-02-09 00:35:46 +0000 #3
I am a woman can be 14 pounds a month you say you can not just have the resilience and can be

Breakfast 1 whole wheat, a cup of milk

7 minutes to eat lunch, eat a normal rice to remove night, eat tomatoes, cucumber

Then the gym treadmill brisk walking must be brisk walking oh, more than one hour and then with the point of equipment, men's 40 sit-ups a day is best done on the skin to tighten Dudu be quicker.

I also lose weight, we were refueling, want to help you
542.32 thousand2010-02-09 00:41:30 +0000 #4

Xiangshou life, a lot of people think that I naturally do not eat fat, but I do not think careful maintenance, but also less likely to have remained fiber thin stylish body. I think that some girls go thin thin, as long as they'd been eating and drinking, or develop bad habits in life, it's very prone to the phenomenon of edema, which is why some people are always fat in the face or lower body. Obesity, type


has studied Chinese medicine for the obesity argument with you to be a share. Chinese medicine will be divided into several categories the causes of obesity, such as so-called "stomach heat and dampness obesity" is a solid type of obesity, not the puffiness. This type of obesity are usually easy to thirsty, but also easy to feel muscle hungry, so use the property than the cold, can heat the herbs, such as chrysanthemum, hawthorn, etc., can improve obesity.

In addition we often say, "drink plenty of water will be fat," the constitution, in terms of Chinese medicine is the "Spleen dampness obesity." Easy for this type of obesity diarrhea, poor absorption capacity, diarrhea and pull out the nutrients, the body of harmful substances will also be difficult to exclude the passage of time will be the formation of edema and obesity.

There is also a work pressure of the girls are very familiar with the "liver Qi stagnation, obesity," as long as the pressure, emotional tension, chest tightness, irritability, one easy to eat too much pressure, one will be bad gas accumulation In the abdomen, constipation, to be accompanied with flatulence, a variety of reasons the formation of "stress fat."

〖Tea party〗

Modern Tang less time, work very busy, but wish to maintain the slim body, I think the best way to benefit adds to the growing number of thin soup and tea parties. I know how to take care of their bodies more, after working outside, I began to avoid drinking too many drinks, because too many drinks would lead burden on the kidneys and gastrointestinal discomfort are likely to cause edema lower body obesity. I often used to maintain one side of the soup is "cooked Aconite Gorgon soup," which blindly Tom Fong of the herbs, cooked monkshood can Wenshen fire, eliminate lower body edema; Gorgon, is that one of the four soup, to close astringent (for endocrine could be clutter) also solid stomach, add the ginger there is the role of detoxification (so when cooking most of them will add ginger, possible solutions to the fish poison). Regular tea to drink, and help to remove the face and lower body edema, in patients that have heart palpitations also help, it can be said health beauty again.

Another is "cassia seed tea." I still remember because before the filming, food, sleep and the time is not necessarily, but also tired because of work triggered by the digestive system and immune system disorders, often stomach-ache, and even trigger allergies face serious time, also lead to the face, lower body and the body of the edema, so a the time, Dad would ask me to bubble tea party drink it Tao. Cassia can be Liver Runchang catharsis, reduce anger lowering blood pressure, hawthorn, dried tangerine peel recipe is lipid-lowering diet, but can also Gu stomach; Plantago beneficial to the function of the water, but also can cure edema. This blindly tea taste particularly good, with the fragrance of cassia seed hawthorn, dried tangerine peel a little bit sour, definitely not what you imagine the taste of Chinese herbal medicines, you can always bubble drink.

The very popular, like a while ago, the red guava one out I could not help but to try and stem made of red guava tea of Cellulite. In Chinese herbal medicines inside dry white and red guava guava dry, white cures diabetes, lowering blood sugar, dried red guava there the role of weight loss may be thin to fat, another beauty to maintain good health, can help lower cholesterol. This is Tao tea by adding dried tangerine peel, hawthorn, can be solid stomach can also Carbohydrate. However, do not pay attention to red guava preserves the kind of selling out, but traditional Chinese medicine, I still remember a friend of mine asked me this recipe Road, when she did not advise to buy into the Red Guava so dry, cook out the taste of the strange awesome!


Trouble with constipation I would like to have a lot of girls experience, work pressure a large, going to the toilet difficult to row out of the plot to the last full stomach stool, or even later slumped a pass and found a lot of weight . Yes, not only people troubled by constipation, can also cause puffiness feeling. I'm no exception, working too tired or too much pressure will affect the bowel habits. In the face of such a problem, I will drink bubble tea senna. Senna can effectively resolve the constipation, abdominal distension, as well as to exclude poorly intestinal problems, and bubble tea is not difficult to come out to drink, do not like the taste no one can add some honey flavor, very tasty. For the long-term constipation, or stomach problems, have you can be a tea drink. I will usually soak the previous night's staying a small cup of tea (a small amount of 1:00 the next day will not edema), the next morning's routine would be particularly Soon, the body will become more lightweight.

I am surrounded by a lot of weight-loss girls are often not eat or drink, I have good advice for some of you want to make themselves more thin girls do not eat to lose weight are not always as hungry for a long time after the first meal, no matter how many calories to eat or acceded to absorb, the most important gastrointestinal we first care should be good, so that the stomach used to eat light and nutritious, even if it does not matter a fancy meal. I remember after dinner drink the slimming tea, fat, both health then beauty is not to starving themselves. Sometimes, as filming is no way to choose a more light food (usually eating all staff in preparation), after dinner I would a cup of tea, hawthorn, which blindly tea contains a variety of helpful elements for the digestive system, so there is not only fat-free diet function, but also stomach and stabilize the digestive system, of which the cinnamon, you can warm the stomach, but also and to strengthen the effectiveness of medicines. The point is that this means that very tea tastes better, because I also added brown sugar and ginger, so as long as the people who've been friends, no people do not drinkers, not rushing to drink!


In addition to downsizing Bath by "drink" to maintain the body, I love baths. I think that Bath's many advantages, in addition to relax, wash outside the body, with some herbs to the formula when the baths can help to exclude the body of toxins, but also consumes energy. I tried weight-loss bath is very large, multi-winter if there are new discoveries, I could even changing to a different formula every day to Bath. Like myself very much like the "green tea bath." We all know that green tea can be fat-oil, if the meal to eat too much greasy food, drink a cup of green tea after a meal, you can get rid of stomach fat and diuretic detoxification. Dad once told me, "Herbal Supplements" mentioned in tea can say "I eat very lean years." Tea can be thin but also allows the skin to become more beautiful! Bath with green tea can help the body rid excess water, but also make the skin more detailed, slippery sheen.

Running the principles of fitness to participate in fitness running any person should pay attention to insist on regular and gradual, with particular attention to control the amount of exercise. In addition, we must learn to "self-control", which is particularly important. Because sometimes the desire to run will suddenly disappear, and this needs to be "can not run" or "do not want to run" distinction. Of course, if when you are sick Never run, while in other cases should be overcome "inertia", we must adhere to exercise.

In the early training, running speed to no discomfort for the limits of the distance to finish is not struggling with it is appropriate. Running may occur after lower extremity muscle pain, which is a normal reaction, and exercise after a few days of this phenomenon will disappear.

To determine the level of their exercise levels, to participate in jogging exercise three to four months after some tests, tests in order to finish the 12-minute distance from the starting point for calculating grades.

30-39 years age group, 12-minute finish a distance of less than 1.5-1.8 km, indicating the level of bad temper; if can reach 1.8-2.6 km, indicating a good level of exercise; if more than 2.6 kilometers , that is up to the outstanding level of training.

40-47 age group, people, exercise the level of those with poor finish every 12 minutes a distance of 1.6 kilometers or less; well, for the 1.7-2.4 km; outstanding in 2.5 km.

50 years old poor, good and excellent finish are every 12 minutes distance of 1.5 kilometers, respectively ,1.6-2.4 kilometers and 2.5 kilometers.

Do not illusions in the short term to achieve the desired results, only the regular exercise will improve the level of exercise. If you only run once a week, running long distances again, there is little benefit. Because interrupt running six days, the body has been running the organization the benefits of consumption was erased. Therefore, not less than three times a week running. Lack of exercise ordinary people who, once the determination to proceed with regular exercise, it is often too much movement, this will lead to undesirable consequences. In the physical exercise should be gradual and orderly progress on the day should be recorded in his diary the following are key:

1, exercise, nature, content, sustained by the date and time spent on each exercise;

2, pre-training, exercise time and exercise after the sense of self;

3, loss of appetite and sleep conditions;

4, with or without the desire to continue to participate in training;

5, the pulse beating case.

Based on the above record is not difficult to analyze the size of physical activity, and timely exercise the necessary adjustments. Generally speaking, running 5 minutes after the pulse should not exceed 120 beats / min, running 10 minutes after the pulse should not exceed 100 beats / min. If the pulse rate too fast, you must reduce the amount of exercise. Please reference:

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Bodybuilding beginners nutrition

nutrition are essential for each person engaged in fitness training, are more the need for adequate nutrition, does not know that such training is not receive good effect. Therefore, bodybuilding beginner who want to observe the following five major bodybuilding nutrition principles:

1. Add muscle growth is enough heat energy to be consumed, not enough heat, it is impossible to ensure the normal growth of muscle;

2. To add sufficient bodybuilding training carbohydrate glycogen energy provided mainly by the intake of carbohydrates can add glycogen, the supply of energy, and prevent the muscle breakdown caused by training;

3. to add high-quality protein material constitutes the cornerstone of muscle proteins, but also the basis of muscle growth, so every day with adequate high quality protein intake;

4. promote the synthesis and reducing synthesis of decomposition when the muscle is greater than decomposition, muscle growth, and vice versa reduced. So pay attention to anti-muscle breakdown and promoting protein synthesis;

5. Maintain appropriate hormone levels in the body's growth hormone, insulin and testosterone on muscle protein synthesis is essential. Through diet and nutritional supplements may control hormone levels and stimulate muscle growth.

Beginners dietary nutritional supplement

1. Meal arrangements

beginners adopt the "eclipse of the sun five meals Law" is more appropriate: namely, to eat five times a day. 5, the proportion of meals for breakfast accounted for 20% of the total days the morning snacks accounted for 10%, 30% lunch, afternoon snacks accounted for 10%, dinner 30%.

2. Diet composition of the

Daily Recipes with the formula: moderate protein, low fat, high carbohydrate content. Three kinds of major nutrients in the ratio should be approximately 25:20:55.

Steamed bread, noodles, rice and other staple foods, and potato, oats, potatoes and other carbohydrate content is very high, can be used as first choice.

Protein is muscle growth in the most important source of nutrition, fitness trainers protein intake should be mainly non-fat or low-fat foods, such as skim milk, egg white, fish, skinned poultry, steak and so on.

To maintain the body's normal growth of the body can not require the synthesis of fatty acids called essential fatty acids, found in more than olive oil, corn oil and soybean oil. Adequate intake of both to meet the body needs, they will not increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Eat more alkaline foods

normal weakly alkaline fluids, the body after exercise in the fitness of sugar, fats, proteins have been a large number of broken down to produce lactic acid, phosphoric acid and other acidic substances people feel the muscles, joints Suanzhang , mental fatigue. You should eat vegetables, sweet potatoes, oranges, apples and the like, alkaline food, to maintain a basic balance between the body pH, so as to eliminate movement caused by fatigue.

In addition to fruits and vegetables and the like alkaline foods, it should also complement a variety of essential vitamins, to supplement the time of metabolism and sweat loss, to meet the fitness training needs.

Beginner's nutritional supplements nutritional supplements can be fast, convenient and efficient way to provide a variety of nutrients for the body to promote muscle growth and recovery. But for bodybuilding beginners, is not recommended in the early use more nutritional supplements, to name just introduced three kinds of basic.

1. Energy supplement category

this type of nutritional supplements is represented by a variety of sports drinks, carbohydrate whose main component is the use of complementary energy of the future could play a role in quickly. Add enough sugar to prevent and reduce the training process of muscle protein breakdown, exercise capacity and muscle capacity to do work will be greatly enhanced.

2. Protein, whey protein supplement category

the fastest absorption, absorption rate is highest, is the best protein supplements after training, you can quickly populate the muscle cells. Soy protein is the only plant protein complete protein, although the absorption and utilization of whey protein than the low, but it is very beneficial for the female bodybuilder.

3. Creatine Creatine can increase the class

bodybuilder lean body mass and muscle of the explosive power, endurance, and muscle creatine into the water, making the volume of muscle cells increases, is conducive to muscle cells to absorb amino acids. When the creatine and sugar, used in conjunction with the increase in lean body mass and strength more apparent, so for beginners, taking the ratio of sugar-containing creatine Need more effective than simply taking creatine.

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〔thin soup cooked Aconite Gorgon〕


cooked tuber 10-15 grams, Euryale ferox30-60 grams, ginger 10 grams.


1. All the ingredients first before washing it again.

2. Clever after all the ingredients to join decoction.

3. To be boil soup tasty drink immediately after.

Ya Yan small reminder:

If you are the kind of drinks are often marketed to drink, and the lower body edema type, and this is for you Tao Tang Fang! Of course not drink the soup will be able to continue to drink without restraint to those high-sugar drinks. To get rid of bad habits in order to ensure a beautiful long body Oh! Melon adzuki bean soup



wax gourd 500 grams, 30 grams of red beans, a little rock sugar.


1. Onobrychis the first of about a half-day immersion.

2. Melon wash, it will guapi and seeds removed, cut into small pieces Guarou, together with the seeds into the pot, add eight bowls of water, and add red beans cooked together.

3. The red beans cooked soft, then add crystal sugar flavor.

Ya Yan small reminder:

Female puffiness swelling, you can drink it to improve the Tao adzuki bean soup, as melon acts as a diuretic, eliminate swelling, add a little red beans taste better, but remember not to add the red beans adzuki bean soup, as a general component, However, the heat is not a small Oh



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