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What to do yoga moves can we come up with the body's joints sound?

L Corpse Bride L2010-02-09 01:01:54 +0000 #1
I do not think that was the reason for calcium deficiency, such as the neck-twisting force about, there pops voice, I like the kind of voice, feeling quite comfortable after finished, so I hope that the body can also be sent elsewhere, probably as sound.
little turtle mm21212010-02-09 01:13:47 +0000 #2
Hello, I am a fitness trainer. Ring joints, especially the neck is not a good thing. Not everyone is loud, depending on the person you are with a traction force, and physical flexibility. Sound when the joint issue of Yoga practice is a normal phenomenon in this matter ligament softening, but not proof of no effect does not ring. Better not deliberately pursuing.



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