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Triceps strength training

zyktxwd2010-02-09 03:01:15 +0000 #1
training triceps strength

Thank you, there is the strength of the deltoid muscle
hhqq4442010-02-09 03:04:23 +0000 #2
you are training for strength, then the different stages of their training to varying degrees, according to your schedule You should be non-systematic training program, so that you can enhance the muscle of the non-power limited domain, the volume of exercise can be achieved in the short term
shuanggeer2010-02-09 03:16:06 +0000 #3
Following is a triceps training program:

Exercise 1: standing "V "put under pressure: Action must be standardized, not the body rocking back and forth, or to use the body's weight pressing down rope. In just the power of triceps as much as possible so that elbows clamping body, range of motion should be sufficient to do the bottom of the peak contraction. I did not use the pyramid weight rule, each group with the same weight (3 groups × 30 times). As to maintain a high frequency, so each can feel that it seems the last several thousands of pounds using the weight training.

Exercise 2: Seated one-arm dumbbell flexion and extension: I would very much like to do this exercise because it can feel all the pressure is concentrated in the triceps. Practice used a great weight, each group Zhizuo 6 - 8 times. Not do the peak contraction, because the purpose of this exercise is only increasing the volume of triceps. Action essentials: one hand held dumbbells too far, so that the arm close to the face to control the dumbbells slowly to the other side of the shoulder after the first delegate to keep the elbow outreach.

Exercise 3: inclined plane flexion and extension after the rope: This is another in each group 30 times, 3 sets of high frequency of training. Lying on the inclined board, from scratch, after seizing the rope, feeling the pressure in the triceps, do not allow elbow forward sway. The full range of motion, making the peak contraction, make triceps are burning.

Exercise 4: After the bell sitting holding hands flexion and extension: this action the use of a larger weight, a corresponding reduction in the number of each group 6 - 8 times, 3 sets. Enough with both hands holding a heavy dumbbell, palms up, arms straight, home dumbbell with the top of the head, and then manipulate to do flexion and extension movement. The location of the elbow joint exercise is not important, because the weight of dumbbells has made under the pressure of the elbow joint in a strong, can not have too much movement. Similarly, because the weight is large, it is almost impossible to do the peak contraction. But one thing is very important, that is, to do the exercises should be as far as possible congestive triceps.

Exercise 5: standing "V" to post-flexion and extension: body to keep straight, his hands shook from scratch after the "V" to maintain the elbow fixed. When the upper arm bend to the bottom, you should feel the triceps is stretched, made the upper arm extended to the top of the peak contraction. This exercise is also 3 sets × 30 times.

Exercise 6: barbell curved bar dip: the effect of this action and exercise the same as 3. The use of music bars to reduce the pressure on the wrist, so that a greater degree by the stimulated triceps. Practice, we should try to avoid doing the elbow forward traction. The full range of motion, making the peak contraction.

How to exercise the deltoid muscle

deltoid anterior bundle - the starting position before the ping ju

legs straight, chest abdomen. Two-handed grip dumb-ling, or barbell is, his arms hang down at the legs before.

Action process

arm raised holding bell up to slightly higher than shoulder. Still a second, then slowly lay down their arm, restored to their legs before. If using dumbbells, can be left and right hands each time, a continuous alternating done.

On the move breathing method when the suction, the whereabouts of breath.


on the move and the whereabouts of the points when the body upright, his arms to keep Method of Direct, ideas, focus on the deltoid muscle.

Deltoid muscle in the beam - side-Ping Ju

feet of natural starting position opening, two hand dumbbells, drooping on both sides of the body.

Action process

contraction deltoid, lateral arm raised above, until slightly higher than the shoulder, still a second, let the arms slowly down to the sagging position.

On the move breathing method when the suction, static when the breath. Inspiratory fall completely fall when the breath. Points

Note that uplift and the whereabouts of the whole body upright, do not swing bending, arm remain Method of Direct.

Deltoid muscle in the beam - side of the starting position Flat pull

the body upright, one foot to trap the chest of a grip or a rubber end of article. Plug the other hand by the waist.

Contracted deltoid muscle action process, or the rubber hand would pull the top of the pull of lateral shoulder Qi Gao. Plug the other hand forced by the waist to maintain balance. After the highest point on the pull, still a second, and then, in the deltoid muscle to force control, so that tension spring or a rubber article to the starting position slowly shrink loose. Has been unable to repeat the training a shoulder pull-up, after practicing for the other shoulder.

On the pull-breathing method when the suction, peaked after the breath. The whereabouts of breathing, in the end-point drop after the breath.


on the pull points, the body will not swing by the King. This move can also be used dumbbells, side to do.

Deltoid muscle after the beam - bent side-Ping Ju

starting position

2 foot opening, body bent forward 90 degrees, two hand dumbbells, arms straight Chuijian next.

Contracted deltoid muscle action process back, arm lift dumbbells from both sides of the flat until parallel with the ground. Still a second, let the arms down slowly.

On the move breathing method when the suction, the whereabouts of breath.


on the move and devolution of points dumbbell, the body remain stable, do not swing. Ideas focused on the rear deltoid. On the move before, in order to relax, to reach the highest point, in order to shrink. This move can also be prone to do on the long bench.

Deltoid muscle after the beam - vertical starting position elected

the barbell on the ground pulled from the chest, the body upright.

Action process

arms up Direct Push to full extension, still a second, so that the whereabouts of the bar slowly to the chest.


on the move when breathing, the whereabouts of breath.

[Edit this paragraph] Note that elements of

on the move and the decentralization of the barbell, the body will not swing. The movement of the arm triceps exercise had a greater effect. If the whereabouts of the barbell to the shoulders behind the neck, then the right rear deltoid exercise a greater role, known as the back of the neck elected. Chest and neck of the elect, can also be done sitting on stools. Can also use dumbbells, arms around the same time, pushed to make the turn and whereabouts to do so, may be pushed, and the whereabouts of the inhale, rest when you breath.



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