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Suitable for doing aerobic exercise at home

is mmmmm2010-02-09 03:01:29 +0000 #1
Rope Skipping Yoga stairs do not need to say

jog on the spot be considered aerobic exercise, what time do

l5229097822010-02-09 03:12:25 +0000 #2
metacarpophalangeal Exercise

Method: Liang Zhang chest close up, fingers separated pulp relative. Resistance with each other for the first pulp hands forward, slow Zhang Liang Zhang, was "claw" shape the static resistance of 10

12 seconds, repeat 7

8 times.

Effect: Enhanced finger abductor, and extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle strength.

Tip: pulp pushing each other, the required amount of resistance, increase strength to compete.

Jianbi Exercise

Method: sub-leg standing, two-handed chest clap your hands together, fingers upward. Right palm thrust over Zuozhang of resistance, forced the left arm to push to the left side of the body. Zuozhang right palm against the resistance, will be pushed back to the right side of the body the right arm and repeat 10 to 12 times.

Effect: To improve the deltoid, biceps, brachioradialis muscle and the flexor pollicis brevis muscle strength.

Tip: Liang Zhang goes by when he was over the need for wrist strength to compete in order to increase resistance efforts.

Head and Neck Exercise

Methods: The sub-leg standing, two-handed cross-hold neck. Slow two-handed force to promote head and neck of the resistance, will head to the chest press clavicle area, breath. Neck, hands and then forced back to the next anti-pull force, will head up the preparatory position into a vertical lift, inhale. Repeat 7

8 times.

Effect: Enhanced platysma and levator scapulae muscle strength and so on.

Tip: hands down the manipulative force should not be larger than the head, neck upward resistance. Pull speed should slowly pull force should moderate.

Back exercises

Methods: The sub-leg stand, hands akimbo, tiger's mouth down. Lower back facing the two-handed reverse torsion resistance, to be submissive to rotate around, showing a static resistance of 6

8 seconds. Then repeat the opposite direction. Intermittent 30

40 seconds.

Effect: the promotion of the latissimus dorsi, Waist stretched muscles and paraspinal muscle strength, improve flexibility of lumbar spine.

Tip: when you spin around the waist and back, head, neck and upper body rotate together. Legs can not move.

Abdominal exercises

Method: and leg supine, Liang Zhang in the abdomen. Facing the chest and abdomen Liang Zhang press upward against the force of resistance was 45 sit-ups 5

6 seconds, repeat 7

8 times.

Effect: Enhanced rectus abdominis and pectoralis major muscle.

Tip: sit-ups was when, deep breathing; supine lying, the breath.

Tuixi Exercise

method: squat, two hands on the legs. By Liang Zhang downward legs facing the pressure, forced up to date anti-compression resistance tread into the upright. Intermittently for 30 seconds, doing 7 to 8 times.

Effect: To improve the quadriceps and adductor muscles of the muscle.

Tip: the leg strength to make resistance tread from time to time, upper body and leg position was 90 degrees, the position can not be forward.

Aerobic endurance training, strength training, general approach

the general content: endurance can be divided into two kinds, one strength of endurance, the second is speed endurance. It is manifested in actual combat in a short time, able to maintain a certain degree of strength, speed, and there is a certain density and strength.

1. Hitting sandbags in full after good preparations in order to maintain a certain speed and strength, hitting a row to do more than 5 groups. Each for 3 minutes.

2. Varied pace 3000-10000 m the distance, run 50 meters, jog 50 meters.

3. Steady running heart rate controlled at about 150 per minute, the load time was maintained at 30 minutes.

4. Five-kilometer cross-country running. Running, we should constantly changing pace and rhythm (constantly changing stride will enable the subject to exercise of different muscle fibers).

5. Rope skipping three minutes, rest 1 minute, and then proceed to the next group of exercises. At each training session can be 3 sets. When the trainees feel that accommodate this amount of exercise, it can do away with intermediate rest time, continuous jumping for 30 minutes.

6. Air strike three minutes as a group, do 3 to 5 groups.

7. Wheels with different opponents in actual combat warfare exercises
yexiang12212010-02-09 03:51:26 +0000 #3
fit, but should pay attention to ventilation, the general effect of the evening to do better, but that time a relatively high oxygen content in the air.
767,513,2782010-02-09 03:45:44 +0000 #4
jog on the spot be considered aerobic exercise? This question depends on your own fitness, and the so-called aerobic exercise is the aerobic metabolism, then it is up to you to do jog on the spot when the heartbeat shortness of breath that it wants to, in fact, doing the housework so that walking faster than usual shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat are all aerobic exercise, and do not recognize death reasons.



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