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Winter vacation plans

nlkllv2010-02-09 03:02:02 +0000 #1
winter fast approaching, our winter vacation 2 months ........ I hope that this holiday exercise their body, mainly to train the contours of the body on the line, just as like the NBA where Howard's strong muscles and biceps, what a good fitness program can not go to the gym. . . . . Are there any good to drink meal plan to let the muscles grow quickly?
1Schumacher12010-02-09 03:09:11 +0000 #2
this is the case because of the body in a semi-winter hibernation so to outdoor exercise is generally not advocated because of the cold air will affect the training effect might even hurt at home sick so I suggest you do some exercise can be a

then you do at home to squat on a movement can change your Body Mass Movement in fact far less complicated than not imagine should be simple and much more attractive to those fitness magazines

I suggest you to do squat exercises is a deep squatting up again under the repeated action of this movement known as "King of bodybuilding," that is, in all the bodybuilding fitness body sculpting moves it is a good effect of its advantages are as follows

1 It can make the body have been training the body rather than some movements often serve only to exercise to a local rather than systemic

2 It is a view of aerobic and anaerobic exercise that is played between the movements also play a role in oxygen-free action effect of aerobic exercise can be said to serve two purposes

3 which is an movement of the body is very good for blood circulation, it can serve to accelerate the body discharges refuse to play the promotion of brain blood circulation to improve blood circulation improve energy diet to improve metabolism and so the role of

4, its formation and consumption of relatively large role of so Fat Reduction comparable to running swimming particular pair is obvious effects of fat waist hip

5 in the body sculpting regard, it also has a good effect it can exercise to the legs, abdomen, buttocks so that lower extremity body that is perfect if you tend to do this action you will get legs 2 Rocker hip a slender waist 1

6 It increases the appetite, digestion and absorption so the increase in weight loss are concerned it can be fattening

7 It is a place that is simply not accounted for in situ action can be cumbersome compared with the action to Good to do more do not have time to go outdoors for some exercise, a friend of this movement can be described as classic

training methods and attention to matters

1 position from the squat position in terms of the main attention is squatting deeper This is mainly due to the formation of large deep squat consumption is also large and can be reaches waist hip

2 training volume for the usual few friends in the squat exercise is a big move for the first time often do so because of oxygen to feel nausea and vomiting at this time Do not stop trying to flaunt its proper rest can also be For obesity it is necessary to drain the refining to the spit does not really matter Do not really an analogy to

3 day feeling exhausted comfortable squatting vary the amount of the second squat more do not feel comfortable with the cut-point number of times the amount determined by themselves, do their legs feel swollen on the line

4 diet moderate diet for weight loss, friends, End of calories consumed with the squat after diet moderate because I am not saying become a good appetite Mody
320,070,921,9712010-02-09 03:27:50 +0000 #3
are now in school to learn and winter training is a good opportunity, but should have the determination, not a nest, leave to go home every day watching television, Chi Guazi, play cards or something. (Would also like to visit relatives). Considering your home, no professional equipment, to give you a training schedule row; waking up in bed before doing 100 sit-ups, no words of sub-groups of complete (but do my best to strive for a group of more more, anaerobic respiration long muscles), and then finished up bar (on the ground to do this, after all, not so good), on the ground one hundred push-ups plus 100 squat, but also in several groups to do their utmost to noon, at night should be doing, in bed at night before bed can also do more, such as the two played, as well as the body sideways sit-ups (muscular strength training on both sides of waist), and so on. Not 10 days, your legs, abdomen, chest, arms, the back muscles must be seen, the most important thing is to insist that 10 days down, I wish Louzhu success!



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