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Ask a number of exercise problems

wenwenti1542010-02-09 03:02:22 +0000 #1
I am an early age is a body type fat people

have been a lack of exercise is relatively small

chest physical strength to do push-ups a little meat, no matter how hard effort up

I would like to ask the next.圹chest exercise can reduce fat chest look .

Thank you.

good life of peace.
jinpeng11022010-02-09 03:05:29 +0000 #2
brother, I think you worry too much effort to the problem, never the greatest strength, and only relatively large strength of the people. You can just take a little exercise to improve your body and strength of the problem:

First of all, he learned to practice than not strong! You are trained to believe as long as you certainly have effect;

how to train more effective then some of the issues;

chest is definitely effective, I think the push-ups would be better bar.

Then you want to lose fat is necessary to regularly participate in sports, such as jogging sort of

diet, eat sweets, high fats and fried foods will not be the class of the accumulation of fat.

In fact, fat is what you do not go out to absorb the heat consumption and hoarding in the body only requires you use the opposite way consumed like, and adhere to a month before it, if you persevered, I believe you can get you want to change, refueling!
Love Shuainan2010-02-09 03:14:19 +0000 #3
should not light up the morning of days early morning runs, multi-held dumbbell
bigapple19882010-02-09 03:46:02 +0000 #4
Buy the full weight of 30kg dumbbell set to buy a chest-these two things are less than 100 a day as long as you adhere to will be able to become a strong Do not over the old sat out the activities of even just a walk



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