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How to exercise for me?

gokuhann2010-02-09 04:01:43 +0000 #1
I am now 16 years old, height 184cm, weight is too weak, but only 66 kilograms, how do I eat do not eat fat ah - While it is a day exercising muscles, but found out the muscles after the practice is not good-looking, fairly strong strong

I hope someone tell me what kind of training methods suitable for right now I am?

A day should be the quantity of food intake in order to gain weight in a short time?
q86620682010-02-09 04:07:37 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello

a complete fitness program should include food (food), training (training), sleep (sleep) in three aspects, rather than from cardio training, strength, flexibility of three main components . In view of this, I give the training program is: Start with 5-10 minutes of aerobic warm-up time, the final stretching 5-10 minutes to relax, the middle 40-50 minutes of strength training. Strength training are: 1) Back: chin-up (anterior down); 2) Chest: Flat bench press (seated bench press); 3) legs: barbell squat (squat Smith); 4) shoulder : barbell elected (dumbbell elected); 5) arm: barbell curl (dumbbell curl); 6) abdomen: Sit-ups (sit-leg raise).

Training Notes: Training three times a week, every other day for each 1 hour or so, training the body, each part of a movement, movement in brackets stand, a move three groups, each 8-12 times, action and action between the interval of 2 minutes interval between the group and the group of 30-60 seconds, when forced breath, relax when you inhale, the action should be steady slower. Must gradually increase the weight of the muscles to adapt to increases, and thus respond to training. Regulate the use of free weight training equipment. This allows the muscles of the equipment produced by resistance forces to play a better response. Because it can make more muscles are involved in the movement. To do the movements, whether it is raised or down, we must control the good moves, so you can concentrate harder to avoid leveraging.

Diet: Shaochiduocan, adequate intake of eggs, milk, meat. Daily Recipes for: a moderate in protein, low fat, high carbohydrate content. Three kinds of major nutrients in the ratio should be approximately 25:20:55. Steamed bread, noodles, rice and other staple foods, and potato, oats, potatoes and other carbohydrate content is very high, can be used as first choice. Muscle growth protein is the most important source of nutrition, fitness trainers protein intake should be mainly non-fat or low-fat foods, such as skim milk, egg white, fish, skinned poultry, steak and so on.

Sleeping areas: best to get enough sleep eight hours every night, noon, and then take a nap if time can be 30 minutes. By the way, the training time as far as possible in the afternoon to evening sessions, because the human body at this time segment strength and flexibility are at best. Finally I wish you an early fitness success!

Increase muscle mass in 14 major tips:

great weight, low-frequency, multi-group number, long displacement, slow-speed, high-density, and got the same movement, peak contraction, continuous tension between the two groups to relax, multi-practice large muscle, eat protein after training, rest 48 hours, rather light Do not leave.

1. Heavy weight, low frequency: body theory, using RM said that a load can do the maximum consecutive repetitions. For example, practitioners of a weight can only be raised five times straight, then the weight is 5RM. Studies have shown that the load on the training :1-5RM muscle thickening can develop strength and speed; 6-10RM load of training, can thick muscle, strength speed, but endurance increase is not obvious; 10-15RM load of training, muscle fiber thickening is not obvious, but the strength, speed, endurance were Chang-Jin; 30RM load of training, muscle capillaries increased endurance increase, but the strength, speed is not obvious. Can be seen ,5-10RM load weight increases muscle size for bodybuilding training.

2. Groups of a few: when I wanted them to be tempered, they cook 2 to 3 groups, this is actually a waste of time simply can not long muscles. Must be specifically drawn 60 to 90 minutes of time to concentrate on a certain part of exercise, every movement have done 8 to 10 group, in order to fully stimulate the muscles, while muscles need recovery time longer. Muscle saturation has been achieved so far, "Saturation" to self-feelings, its appropriate criteria are: acid, swelling, tingling, solid, full, expansion, and muscle shape marked on the sturdy and so on.

3. Long Displacement: Whether rowing, bench press, elected, curl, we must first of all dumbbells to put as low as possible in order to fully stretch the muscles, to cite was as high as possible. This is one with the "continuous tension" sometimes contradictory, the solution is quick through the "lock" state. However, I do not deny that big half the weight of the role of the movement.

4. Slow speed: slowly lifted, slowly down, the deeper muscle stimulation. In particular, when laying a dumbbell, you should control your speed, do yield of practice to fully stimulate the muscles. Many people ignore the compromise nature of exercises, the dumbbell lifting even the completion of the task, and soon to lay down a waste of good time to increase muscle.

5. High Density: "density" refers to the rest time between the two groups, only 1 minute or less rest time, known as high density. For the rapid increase in muscle mass, we should little rest, frequently stimulate the muscles. "Multi-group number" is also based on the "high density" based on. Exercise, we should like to fight the same rapt attention in training and not think about anything else.

6. Read action consistent: is affected by muscle innervation, attention focused on the density will be able to mobilize more muscle fibers to work. When practicing a particular movement, they should be conscious so that ideas and actions into line, that is what is wanted to practice what the muscles work. For example: training vertical curl, it is necessary to bow their heads with their own eyes, watching his arms to see biceps slowly shrinking.

7. Peak contraction: This is to make muscles was trained in one of the main rule is very clear. It requires an action to do when the muscle contraction of the most intense position, to maintain what the state of such a contraction in the most tense, do static nature of practice, and then slowly return to the beginning of action. My method is the most intense feeling of muscle, the number 1

6, and put down.

8. Continuous tense: to be maintained throughout a group of continuing tension in muscles, both in action at the beginning or the end, do not let it loose (not in a "locked" state), is always to achieve complete exhaustion.

9. Relaxation between the two groups: each group of actions should be done a stretch to relax. This can increase blood flow to the muscles, but also help to remove the waste deposited in the muscles and speed up muscle recovery, rapid nutritional supplements.

10. Multi-train large muscle groups: multiple training chest, back, waist, legs big muscle groups, not only make the body strong, but also can promote the growth of other parts of the muscle. In order to arm and train some people thick, just practicing and not practicing in other parts of the arm, but will slow the growth of the biceps. I suggest you make arrangements with large weight of the large compound action exercises, such as large weight squat exercises, they can promote the growth of all the other parts of the muscle. This is extremely important, sadly, there are at least 90% of people do not have enough attention, so can not achieve the desired effect. Thus, in the training schemes and the arrangements to be more dead lift, squat, bench press, elected, pull-up these five classic compound action.

11. Consumption of protein after training: The training of 30 to 90 minutes, the protein reached the peak demand period, this time to add protein the best results. But do not eat immediately end the training at least every other 20 minutes.

12. Rest for 48 hours: Local muscle training, need a break after the first 48

72 hours before performing the second train. If the high-intensity strength training, then the local muscle training in the interval between the two 72-hour is not enough, especially the large muscle mass. However, an exception abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles is different from other muscles, you must always stimulate them every week to practice at least four times, each time for about 15 minutes; selected three pairs of the most effective exercises you only did three groups, each of group of 20-25 times, all to do exhaustive; each time interval should be short, no more than 1 minute.

13. Ning Light Do not leave: This is not a secret a secret. Many beginners bodybuilding special attention to those who practice weight and movement frequency, less attention to whether the action deformation. The effect of fitness training, not only depends on the load weight and movement frequency, but also by the practice is directly affected by the muscle force and stimulated levels. If the deformation or movement is not in place, to train the muscles do not or only part of the force, training effect is not large, and even out the bias. In fact, all of the rules, the action is always the correctness of the first importance. Prefer to compare with the correct action lifting light weight, do not use non-standard moves lift heavier weight. Do comparisons with others, they should not be a mockery of the gym at heart
875,506,7812010-02-09 04:40:19 +0000 #3
LELSSX2010-02-09 04:24:48 +0000 #4
you are only 16 years old, does not belong to a period of rapid increase in body weight.

However, if you like the words of muscle strength training, and exercise is more like the type, then a relatively simple way.

Is a fixed period of time each day held dumbbells. Your height and weight on the use of a single 15 kg weight dumbbells, buy two. Hand one, and then, I have to introduce the position.

The first, posture. Horizontal expansion exercise, which is the same as with the chest. This exercise posture, the main exercise, as well as chest and shoulder deltoid tendon and muscle. Under the training of about 200 or so every day is like, the intensity based on your individual needs, increase or decrease.

The second, on the move. Is the arm bent from the bottom up straight over your head. Exercise is the main shoulder muscles as well as all the arm muscles and waist muscle strength, the next day, about 300 or so like exercise, intensity, depending on your individual needs, increase or decrease.

Third, fast bending move. Arm does not move, with your arm elbow axis to exercise, that is, a standard dumbbell held position, the main exercise biceps and triceps and arm muscles. This exercise posture like the next day, about 800-900, intensity, depending on your individual needs, increase or decrease.

Increase in body weight with no direct bearing on the quantity of food to eat, the key is the energy provided by food, as well as heat. If you are want to increase the weight, then eat meat. And eat more beef and mutton, because those succulent foods contain calories more than any other meat food products rich in content.



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